Make-your-monday-legendary Good Morning!
Happy Monday!!

Cue my monthly…’I can’t believe another month has gone by. It goes so much faster the older I get…’ speech. For real.

How was your weekend? Relaxing? Fun? Awesome? Mine was pretty great. Friday, I left early for a meeting that got postponed, so I took it as an opportunity to spend time at the library working on some personal training templates and other business stuff – like creating a workout plan for a few new clients. I do so much better working sometimes if I am in a coffee shop or library. Ideally coffee shop, but girl ain’t made of money, so I’m trying to go for the library these days.

IMG_1385.JPG Saturday, I taught BodyWorks in the morning. It was a good class, for sure. I finally got into my BodyWorks groove and I think my workouts are pretty good these days. I went with The Workout Bud to do his taxes and planned my bootcamp class for this week. We are doing…MONOPOLY!! Cannot wait! Then I sat down to watch the series finale of Hart of Dixie (so good!) and worked on addressing my wedding invite envelopes. And I finished addressing my wedding invites. It took a minute, but I’m halfway done – just need to address the RSVP’s. 68 DAYS!!!!!

wedding invites monday I taught another BodyWorks class on Sunday morning before church. I definitely felt it from my Saturday workout. After church, I did some random things around the apartment, until The Workout Bud and I headed to his parents house for dinner and Interstellar. He brought in that plate and said, the one on the right is mine, you can have the one on the left. Do you see how gigantic steak?!

giant steak monday I opted for the smaller steak and sweet potato. I ate the left side (the best part) and about 1/3 of the right side. It was delightful. Let’s talk about Interstellar for a minute. I refused to see it with The Workout Bud when it came out; I totally wasn’t interested. But we watched part of it the other night and I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. And since his parents have been wanting to see it, we watched it last night. Really good movie. Definitely kept me entertained for the full 3 hours.

IMG_1391.JPG I’ve got an off day today, which will be filled with a little cleaning, some Precision reading, and some workout planing! I’m teaching the rest of the week and can’t wait.

on self-care: it’s a necessity

on being perfectly imperfect: embrace it

on eating when you are hungry: not when it’s time

on knowing your WHY: and why it matters

on better performance: pause on your lifts

on more getting more energy: go to bed

on fitspiration: a rockin’ response

on clean eating: the truth

on the body: it has a story

on things women need to hear from a trainer: 12 things

on body image: one woman’s struggle

on healthy balance: saturated fats and cholesterol

on the turkish get-up: cleaning it up

on a strong core: 3 creative moves

on supporting your partner’s goals: 10 ways (taking some of these tips this week for The Boy!)

on my ‘Must Try Workouts’ list: one. two.

on my ‘Must Try Recipes’ list: one. two. three. four. five. six.

on my ‘Outfit Envy’ list: one. two. three.

on my ‘Future Home Ideas’ list: one. two. three. four. five.

mondayflowers [source]

We have dinner with the parents tonight and some honeymoon planning. Guys, booking a honeymoon is tough, especially when you are on a budget! I *think* we decided on Florida because flights are cheap!

Remember, make your Monday, LEGENDARY!

What was the best part of the weekend?
How will you make your Monday Legendary?

- Jen.

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Finding a title for this workout today was so hard.

I couldn’t think of a good name, so I initially started out with ’10-1-10 PYRAMID WORKOUT.’ Kind of lame, right. I kept racking my brain to no avail. So, I went and asked The Workout Bud. You know what he said?

I’m not good with thinking up names. I’d just call it ’10-1-10 Pyramid Workout’.

Great minds think alike. Or something like that.

I decided to just write the post and then think up a title later. Hopefully there is a good one in my brain by the time I am done typing!

This workout was inspired by a quickie HIIT circuit I did earlier in the week at the gym, before a lifting sesh. The gym I worked out at had actual plyo boxes, instead of the steps and risers I usually use to make a box for jumping, so I had to use them. And there were a few different sizes, so I threw in some soccer taps. And since the kettlebells were behind me, why not throw in one of my favorite warm up moves. And just for good measure, since I’m always working on my push-ups and because my name is Burpees for Breakfast, might as well add some push-ups and burpees to the mix as well.

This made for a tough, but effective little workout. I did 10 reps of each move for about 5 sets total. You can see that today’s workout is in pyramid format, for a little extra added fun! These are some of my favorite moves AND some of the Back to Basics moves, so they should all be familiar.

You don’t necessarily need a timer for this workout, unless you want to time yourself now and then do it again in a few weeks to see if you can beat your time.

The workout starts with 10 reps of each move – feel free to switch up the order for what works for you. After you completed your 10 reps, drop down to 9 reps of each move, until you get down to 1 rep. After that 1 rep, climb back up the pyramid with 2 reps, followed by 3 and then on to 10.

Your plyo boxes should be varying heights – box jumps should be higher than the soccer taps. I used a 30# kettlebell, but use the a weight that works for you. Do the push-ups on a box, if necessary.

favorite-moves-pyramid-workout So, we finally finished Psych. The last episode made up for how terrible the last season was. Definitely ranks up there as one of my favorite shows. I also watched a few episodes of The Mindy Project. A few of the thugs have been saying how great the show was for years. And now I know what they mean. Totally love it.

But, ain’t got no time for lots of shows this weekend! I’ve got wedding things on deck (hopefully getting our bands!), teaching a class on Saturday morning, and doing some blog + Arbonne + personal training stuff!

Make sure to sign up for the 30 Day Healthy Living & Beyond Detox with Arbonne. We are starting on April 1!

arbonne-30-day-detox Linking up with the fabulous Jill Conyers today too!

What is a good way to make titles for workouts? What’s your new favorite show?

- Jen.

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