burpees for breakfast?! what, what?!

you may be asking yourself, what happened to my.b e a u t i f u l. rescue?!!
new look and feel, plus a new name, overnight!

let me explain.

remember the.list.? the list of 25 things i wanted to accomplish in my 25th year? remember how i basically forgot all about it until a few weeks before my 26th birthday? and then scrambled to recap everything before the big day on december 7?
well, one item on the list was to start and maintain a blog. i started this blog in early january (oh, man, basically a year ago since january is in 2 days!) to document checks off the.list and to share some allergy-free recipes from my elimination diet detox. but after months and months of being a big blogging slacker, i decided to start up again in august.
i definitely have fallen in love with blogging since then! and in the past few weeks, i’ve been debating over what i want this blog to look like moving into 2014.

so far, i’ve been sharing gluten | dairy | soy and some sugar free recipes, some great workouts, weekly editions of ‘well, hello monday…,’ and just general life musing. i love sharing all these things. so, why not continue!?!!

since the blog is moving in a slightly different direction that when i initially started it, i thought it’d be fitting to give it a new name. i debated for weeks about what name to choose. i wanted the name to encompass all that readers would find on this blog.

burpees for breakfast won!

since i love burpees and food (breakfast is my favorite), this name is quite fitting. props to my mom for helping me think through names and suggesting the winner. she is even going to make me a cool razor back tank that says: i eat burpees for breakfast. similar to the one below (isn’t she great).

even though the blog has a new name and new clothes, i’ll still be sharing some new allergy-free recipes (and maybe more sugar-free, since the candida is back), even more workouts (need to get some practice in as i am studying for my personal training certification), a weekly dose of ‘well, hello monday…’ (another one on the way this morning), and fun life happenings.

i am excited about a new feature that will be coming each month, starting in january. it combines my love of food/fashion/fitness and my huge passion to raise awareness on the issue of human trafficking. i’ll be sharing some awesome ways you can get involved in the fight to end trafficking with some of the organizations i love.

a few other new surprises:
+ facebook, twitter and pinterest buttons on the top right side of the page. click to follow.
+ a brand new and soon-to-be updated burpess for breakfast facebook page! make sure to ‘like’ it. show some love.
+ a new contact page. with a fancy new email address.
+ drop down tabs on the workout page and the about me page. coming soon to the recipe page. girl, can’t transform the entire blog in one night. actually, i could, but i’d be up all night.

if you can’t tell, i’m a bit excited about the new chapter for this little blog. my hope is to encourage those readers with crazy stomach issues by sharing some great recipes, share about the ups/downs of eating a ‘free’ diet, and to show those of you ‘normal gut’ people that eating ‘free’ can be just as tasty. plus, challenge you in bi-weekly workouts, open your eyes to see that human trafficking is not just an overseas issue, and share some great (and maybe not so great at times) life moments with you.

here’s to 2014…a little early.

check out the latest edition of ‘well, hello monday…’ auto publishing in about 1 hour. because i’m currently at the gym working out!



yes, probably doing some burpees.
and then coming home for breakfast.
and then maybe doing a bit more blogging.

– jena.

p.s. if you have a blog, how did you decide on a name? any burpee fans out there? breakfast fans?