snow is coming.
if you haven’t been watching the news lately and know that there is a giant storm coming, you would find out pretty quickly because every place is packed with people buying enough food and water to survive the apocalypse.


after my workout at the gym, i had to drop off my warby parker at-home try-on’s (i’ll share my options and final pick next week) at the ups store. i walked in to 4 people waiting in line. i wasn’t sure if i needed to do anything other than just drop my package, so i waited in line, just in case.
for over 15 minutes. at the ups store. 15 minutes. and while i was in line, another 4 people came into the store.
people, if we are supposed to get over a foot of snow, don’t you think ups might be running a bit behind?!? couldn’t you wait to mail those 4 dvd players until later in the week?! went i got to the counter, he said – looks good. and done. literally like 5 seconds. blarg.
i went to earthfare after, to get some bison for a bison butternut chili (also coming to the blog next week). the parking lot was packed, but luckily they are pretty speedy and i got out pretty quickly.

needless to say, by the time i got home, i was super hangry. i’d been craving a bison burger for days and thought it wouldn’t take too much time to prepare. note to self:  being hangry skews your judgement of how long things actually take to cook.
bison burger with cauliflower roll

i made these cauliflower ‘bagel’ rolls yesterday. even though i almost burnt them because my adhd kicked in and i completely forgot i left them in the oven, they tasted pretty decent. i want gluten-free/dairy-free bagels and breads and cookies to taste like the gluten + dairy laden options some times. and they just don’t. i need to just get this through my brain.

bison burger with cauliflower roll
anyway, when the burger was done, i sandwiched it in between 2 cauliflower rolls, added some coconut oil, swiss chard and a spoonful of sunbutter, and dug in. i tried to eat it like a lady, but the roll fell apart and it all just tasted so good. i felt like one of the olsen twins from it takes two, when she eats a sloppy joe for the first time.
20140104-150511.jpgbig, gooey, messy burger. so messy. but oh, so good.

it was the perfect meal post workout today. i slept in late this morning, so by the time i got to the gym all the machines were taken, and the training areas was full. my workout buddy and i started out lifting, 3 sets of the following.

+ flat bench
+ hammer curls
+ shoulder fly
+ decline bench
+ lat pull down
+ tricep pull

as, i was catching up on blogs the other day, and found out about this new year’s 30 burpee challenge. i knew i HAD. TO. DO. IT. look at my blog name. i decided to go with the cruella.
so, after lifting, day 4 meant 54 burpees. and i did them non-stop thankyouverymuch.

post burpees, i did 4 rounds of 10 jumping jacks, squats and high knees as fast as possible. then did the workout below. for circuit 1, i alternated between the 2 moves. for circuit 2, i completed 2 sets of the plank kicks on one side, 2 sets of russian twists, 2 sets of plank kicks on the other side, and 2 sets of russian twists.

8 minute workout

+ sumo squat kettlebell high pulls
+ deadlift kettlebell rows you can use dumbbells if you only have 1 kettlebell
+ lateral plank kicks: come into an elbow plank. lift right leg about 1 inch off the ground and kick leg out to the side. keeping glutes and butt tight.
+ russian twists

and day 3 of the 10 day yoga challange: abs.
woo! quite a workout day!

i’m to relax and drink some peppermint tea!

– jena

p.s. how many non-stop burpees can you do?!