it’s day 3 of being trapped inside because of the snow.
i’m hoping someone shoveled the driveway enough so i can get my car out and make my way to the gym later today. i’m getting cabin fever!
i’ve been working with my mom to help her get in shape and be more flexible. she is doing pretty darn awesome. we’ve gone a full week with workouts and only 1 rest day! way to go mom!! she is doing super well!

today, i’ve got an ab workout that you’ll be sure to feel the next day. the other day when my legs and arms were sore, i knew i needed a solid ab workout. enter this 400 rep workout. i originally planned to do 600 reps, but my bod i couldn’t make it. i blame it on not eating enough before my workout. needed more fuel. i definitely felt this the next day. that hurt so good feeling. i love it.

i also love the fact that my six pack is clearly visible in this photo. proud little six pack mama here.
feel free to do any cardio as your warm up. i went with a little over a mile run. the only equipment you’ll need is a medicine ball. i used an 8 and an 11 pounder. complete round 1, do 10 minutes of cardio (i did the elliptical), then go for round 2. then repeat round 1, cardio, round 2. that’ll get you to 400 reps. if you want, go for the 600. my challenge to you.

400 rep abs

+ plank pikes
+ plank jacks
+ 90 degree abs (thanks to nike training club for this move, but i couldn’t find the ntc video online)
+ alternating bear tucks
+ lunge with cross rotation
+ supine opposite arm/leg crunch
+ overhead reach to russian twist –
lay flat out on your back, medicine ball in hands, with arms stretched out over your head, feet a couple inches off the ground. using abdominal muscle crunch up into position for a russian twist. perform a russian twist and lower back down. your feet should not touch the floor at all during this exercise.
+ suitcases
+ tiny crunches – learned this one from billy blanks. lay flat on the ground. lift head and shoulders off the ground until abs are engaged and tight. reach arms out in front of you, slightly crunching up and returning to start. for an extra workout, when you crunch up, hold and then start crunching from there. burns so good.
+ v-ups (you can do modified or regular)

i really need to start going faster when creating things on picmonkey. seriously, so many options that it takes me forever to decide what font to add and what color to make things. goal for january.

enjoy the workout. hope it hurts your abs.

– jena

p.s. favorite ab exercise?!