well, hello monday…


two words.
lupita nyong’o.
who else watched the golden globe’s last night.
oh. my. word. that. dress.
if you didn’t see it, click on her name up there and see it.
best dressed. hands. down.
and maybe most beautiful.
she is gorg.

i also gushed over taylor swift, julianna margulies, olivia wilde and kate beckinsale.

the weekend came and went.  i had a great workout saturday, chowed down on sweet potato fries, while studying and ended with a rare burger and a bit of shopping. sunday was grocery day. i made a new batch of coconut butter, because, let’s face it, i’m addicted. i have a problem and i’m not afraid to admit it.
oh, saturday my roomie lauren and i put in the papers for our new apartment! one month til move in day!

okay, it’s here no matter what, so let’s just dive on in.

happy monday.

1. i so enjoyed my 2 weeks off from work. then last week i was at home all week because of the snow and a water leak at the office. now, i need to get back into the swing of things. and re-work things to make time for working out, studying, volunteering and watching the bachelor. here are some ways to make more time in your day.

2. habits and goals and lessonsyes.

3. coconut oil. i fell in love with coconut oil even more after i found out it help break down the cell walls of that pesky candida. coconut oil has a million uses. or 101. i started using coconut oil as moisturizer the past few days. such soft skin.

4. number 5. never realized. totally makes sense.

5. fashion love. brown and black. with a little gold.

black, brown, gold

i wore this to church yesterday. first time i’ve really worn anything besides workout clothes and yoga pants in the past couple weeks. and makeup too, even!
my sister hates pairing black and brown, but when done correctly, the two colors compliment each other.
shirt | jeans | belt | watch | ring – my mom’s. totally wearing this on my wedding.
plus these full skirts: one, two, three, and four. and these shoes.

6. new apartment in about 1 month. which means lots of apartment idea pins on pinterest. i wish i could have some of these photos be my actual apartment (i can do some of these ideas): one, two, three, and four.
and i want this pug to be waiting in the apartment as a welcome/move-in present.

7. i want to make all these:
fish taco bowls
honey chipolte chicken bowls
+ blueberry coconut chia pudding
+  chocolate bacon almond butter bananas –i need these now. right now.

8. why it’s okay to be a beastly woman. call me a beastly fitness woman anytime.

9. workouts to add to my list: one, two, three, four, and five!

10encouragement for the week. i adore this.
so much truth in this quote.

and speaking of passion, i need to study big time this week. i am dying to get my pt cert so i can start working. and then get my group fitness cert. i’ve worked on memorizing all the isolated functions of the muscles this weekend. and figuring out how to say the names properly.
fitness assessments and much more to come this week!

enjoy your monday.
make it legendary.

– jena

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  1. Katie says:

    Okay, I’ll confess. I have never watched the Bachelor until this season, but I am totally planning on watching it tonight while painting my nails. *hides in shame* Guilty as charged.
    And seriously? Chocolate, bacon, almond butter, and bananas? I know what recipe I’ll be trying out next.
    Love this week’s Monday list! 😀

    • burpees4breakfast says:

      oh, girl. let me know when you make those bacon/banana bites. i might need to come steal some :). i hate to love the bachelor. i’ll admit that i’ve watched quite a few season and each time i complain about the same things.
      can’t wait to check out your blog when it launches!!!

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