happy monday!
happy martin luther king jr. day!
hope everyone had a great weekend. if you missed it yesterday, i posted a few snapshots from the weekend and a new juice recipe. my weekend was pretty good. lots of studying. and lots of burpees on saturdayi just love to hate these guys. they are tough, but i feel so stinking good after busting through them. sunday was pretty low key. i got a bit hangry in the afternoon and then lost all energy. stinking candida detox! be positive. be positive. i made these spiral sweet potato shoestring fries with cinnamon coconut butter + raw almond butter + salt + pepper.
sweet potato shoe string fries

ready to start another monday. cannot believe it is already mid-january.
here’s to another week.

1. i did a report on martin luther king, jr. in junior high. i read his biography and he soon became of my hero’s. he is truly an amazing man. without men like him fighting for equality and racial reconciliation, i seriously, would not be here today. then in college, i got the privilege of going on our first annual civil rights bus tour (one and two), standing in the same church as mlk jr. once stood and preached. literally, a life changing experience. i still get chills every time i hear his, ‘i have a dream speech,’ but one of my favorites, by far, is this one.

2. the power of affirmation. love it.
2.5. darling magazine needs to stop being awesome because some weeks, i just want to feature them on every number! rituals of a modern woman.

3. digging these tips for self-confidence.

4. this is such a great article on women + pull-ups. doing unassisted pull-ups is on my list of fitness goals for 2014 (post on this to come soon). the article features some other bloggers with tips for doing pull-ups, which were really great too.

5. i need to have more time in a day to do these workouts: one, two, three, four, and five.
5.5. i got new pink nike’s. they made a quick appearance in yesterday’s photos. new favorite thing.

6. fba3c09a6d31ac0931ec8b12dbbf75e1
ain’t that just lovely. my home. board on pinterest has lots of pins from the weekend. i want all of these: one, two, three, four, five and six.

7. recipes that make me drool:
+ pistachio pumpkin seed butter from lean green bean
+ nutritionella’s power greens breakfast skillet
+ salted cashew clusters from my whole food life
+ purely twins’ veggie burgers w/tahini sauce and plantain bun
+ deconstructed falafel bowl from the vegan cookbook aficionado
+ spicy miso ramen express from lady and pups <– i just want this made for me. right now. please.

8. why can’t the clothes i pin on pinterest automatically get added to my wardrobe? free of charge? maybe you should work on that, pinterest engineers.
colored heels and frilly skirts: one, two, three, four, five and six.

9. did you do all these things this morning? i did. the lemon juice happens every morning, but i started adding my gelatin to it. i’ve read all kinds of info about gelatin. works perfect in my lemon water.

10. life advice from amy poehler. she is one of my very favorites.


make your monday.

– jena

p.s. how are you going to celebrate martin luther king jr. day?