i’m coming off a 3 day break from working out, except for a couple short yoga workouts, and i am ready to go.

i’m excited to share today’s workout. it was one of those workouts i made up on the fly and it turned out great. i woke up in need of a workout on saturday. i knew i wanted to sweat and get a good workout in, since i knew i’d be starting my candida detox on sunday. i sat down a majority of the day at work on friday (no walking desk date for me), and i wasn’t in the mood for anything that would require me to sit on my tushy. i wanted to work my abs, so i thought a medicine ball workout might do the trick. and the workout below was born.


i did a quick warm up on the elliptical, then the workout bud took us through a short arm circuit (bench press, decline bench, preacher curls, and some triceps) before we started on the medicine ball workout. i mentioned that i missed my burpees on thursday and friday – 133 burpees total, and that there was no way i could do my missed burpees and my burpees for saturday (68 burpees). 201 burpees is just a bit much, even for this burpee lover.


do you know what he did? he challenged me to do them all. said, it’d be easy if i just broke them up. challenges are my weakness. blast my competitive type-a overachiever personality. i figured out i could do 5 sets of 40 and do them before/in between/after each tabata set.
challenge accepted.
it was tough. towards the end, i was feeling it. i finished them all in 17:06. check out a quick video of my 4th round.

and if that wasn’t enough of a workout, one of the trainers was doing ropes with a client and my bud decided he needed to try it. then after all 201 burpees. after the medicine ball workout. he challenged me to do it.
which i did. for probably a total of 30 seconds, but still. killer.
needless to say, i had a hurt-so-good workout on saturday. it was perfect. and can i just say – the workout bud was dying after tabata 1-3. didn’t get to do #4. killed him.

you are more than welcome to incorporate 201 burpees into this workout – 40 between sets. otherwise, i would say do maybe 1-2 minutes of cardio between sets for an extra challenge. and be sure to warm up before beginning.

set your timer for 20 work | 10 rest | 8 rounds for a total of 4 minutes. for each set, alternate between the two exercises (or leg for #2). and, do the push-ups on your knees, if need be – or alternate big girl and little girl push-ups. that’s what i did.

medicine ball workout

tricep medicine ball push-up
* uneven medicine ball push-up – no need to do it with one leg unless you are already that awesome.
* single leg medicine ball power up to reverse lunge:
do the power up (step up) move with medicine ball in hand. as you power up, push medicine ball towards the sky. when you lower down, lower into a reverse lunge on that same leg. for added work (and because i forgot to add it to the photo), twist towards the lunging leg. the same leg will be used to power up and then lunge.
warrior crunch with medicine ball: ball in hand, lift up right leg. slowly move into warrior 3 position. hold for 2-3 seconds. using abdominal muscles, draw arms and leg back, standing upright, in the starting position. see photo above.

IMG_5082post 201 burpees + medicine ball workout.

hope you enjoy the workout. let me know if you attempt that 201 burpees…or do more!


p.s. do you accept when given a big workout challenge?