hi lovely readers.

happy wednesday!
i am a huge fan of Nike Training Club, as you know. i did the metabolic boost workout last night.

holy moly! it was killlller. but really good.  i had to take a few more couple second rest breaks than i thought i’d would. i can’t go as hard as i normal do on this stinky candida detox. even so, i got a great workout, which i find hard to believe only burned around 159 calories! i was sweating!
i really enjoyed this high intensity workout, and there were some moves that i have never done before that i will definitely be incorporating in the future.


overall, 5 stars and a gut buster on my jawbone.
just love NTC.

i’ve got a tough workout for you today. i made this up at the end of december and had it planned for me and the workout bud. after 1 round we were tired. when i told him i planned to do 2 sets, he was reluctant, but we went for it.
it was a burn-so-good workout. and i loved it!

be sure to do a quick warm up before you start. at the gym, my favorites are a quick mile run or 5-7 minutes on the elliptical. or you can do this warm up at home. then dive on in.

i used a 25lb kettlebell for the high pull and swtiched between an 8 and 11 lb medicine ball for the others. with the exception of the b-ball lunges, you could do the b-ball squat jump, skiers, and curtsy lunge without the medicine ball. little less intense, but you’ll still feel the burn.

for a tabata set, set your timer for 20 seconds work | 10 seconds rest | 8 rounds.

do the intervals as fast as possible. take breaks when needed. you can do one set, or two sets like me. go for three or four, if you have time and you’re feeling it!


sumo deadlift high pull
b-ball squat jump:
come into a wide leg squat, holding the medicine ball in your hands. tap the medicine ball on the ground, and then explode up, lifting the medicine ball overhead, like you are trying to hit a jump shot. land back down softly into your squat, tap the medicine ball and then explode up again. this should be a quick, fluid movement.
b-ball lunge to press
front lunge kicks  (love the outfits)
reverse crunch with hip raises
curtsey lunge
knee tuck superman roll


kicking it post workout.

hope you guys like this one. it’s one of my fav’s.

– jena