so, i’m cpr certified.


yes, i sat through 2 hours of a very poorly acted, overly repetitive video presentation that could have been condensed into maybe 30 minutes. oh well, just closer to getting my personal trainer cert!
speaking of that, i am going a bit slower than i’d like too, but i’m still moving forward. almost have every muscle and it’s isolated function memorized! more studying this weekend.

since it’s the last day of the month, and i’ve had this post half written for almost 3 weeks, and because most other people have already shared their 2014 goals, i figure it’s time to finally let you all know my fitness goals for 2014.


now, in the past two weeks, the #kickCANDIDA detox has been kicking me. i am low on energy still and finding i can’t do my normal workouts like i want. i’m trying to listen to my body and not push myself too hard. so hitting these goals might be a bit slow going. i had 2 half marathon’s on the list – one in may, but i know i won’t be ready. so, the list is slightly revised from it’s original version.

i don’t always do well when i put specific time constraints on my goals. i get disgruntled if i don’t make it on time or just stress about making the goal, about trying to be perfect. working out is one of my favorite things. i don’t want to ruin it by obsessing about making goals. so, instead, i’ve found i do better if i have the big goal in mind and small goals to get me towards the big one. try to do a little more time/weight/reps each time. doing what works for me.


like with my 5 minute plank goal. i didn’t have a certain timeframe for when i wanted to get it done. i pushed myself to hold it longer each hold, until i hit that 5 minute plank goal. it took a couple of weeks because i wanted to get it quickly.

most of the goals for the year are goals that will take the year to accomplish. and i’m okay with that. i want to work on doing more strength training, practicing more yoga, and getting back to loving running again.

without further ado.


* run a half marathon.

i ran one last year and i am ready for another. likely the indianapolis half marathon in october, giving me more than enough time to train.

* do 30 consecutive big girl push-ups in a row. daily.

solid, 90-degree angle arms, chest touching the ground push-ups. on my toes. i can already to at least 10.

* master crow pose, flying pigeon and a forearm head stand.

so many benefits to this poses. plus, they look really cool. i want to master them.

* practice yoga 4-5 days per week.

yoga has been so helpful with my detox and just helping me relax in general. i want to keep trying to incorporate everyday.

* do 10 pistol squats. each side.

i love squats. pistol squats are a little bit of a toughy for me.

* 10 big girl pull ups.

screw those people who say women can’t do pull-ups. i’ll prove you wrong. (link love)

* do a 7 minute plank.

made it to 5 minutes. 7 can’t be too much longer…right?!

* try one new class each month.

i took my first class at my gym a couple weeks ago. and i loved it. along with wanting to get my group fitness cert, i want to take more classes.

* strength train 3-4 days a week.

i am a cardio loving girl. i don’t love lifting, but i’ll do it. i want to eventually enjoy it…maybe love it.

* take 2 rest days per week.

more if my body is telling me i need it.

* listen to my body.

i tend to push myself too hard. i need to listen to my body when it’s telling me to slow it down.

* have fun.

i’ve always loved working out, but i really fell in love with it this past year.  i want to keep loving it and having fun with it.


i’ll keep  you updated throughout with my progress. now that i wrote these, i’m anxious to start checking them off my list. one i can check off, is a rest day, which just might be today.

– jena

p.s. what are your fitness goals for 2014?!