happy monday everyone!
another attempt at a cool ‘well,hello monday…’ photo. i just can’t decide on one. what do we think of this one? i like it the best so far. it might be here to stay.

can you believe it is february?!?! how was the weekend? mine flew by again, but it was great. i finally saw frozen, which was so stinking cute.
saturday, i decided i need a relaxing day: i went to a yoga class at the gym, which was okay. the instructor said she didn’t consider the class a beginner class, but i felt like i could have taught it. i’ll probably try a different instructor next time. then a target trip, budgeting, taxes,painting nails (hot pink) and studying, along with a good movie. sunday was church and more studying. i tested out a new tushy workout (on the blog this week) and it ended up being a long gym trip because one of the trainers showed me and the workout bud a few new moves.

both feet on medicine ball, hands on sliders, in a plank position. use the slider to reach out one hand, bring back to start, then the other. then go up into a pike. it took me a while to get my footing, but it was an awesome new move that i can’t wait to incorporate into my next workout. also, worked on some isometric pull up holds, which will help with my pull up goal for 2014.

i literally could just stay at the gym all day, doing different moves. but alas, today is monday and that means the start of the work week.
here are some nuggets to brighten your day.

truthkeeping my eyes on my side of the fence.

encouragementgiving up on healthy eating.

inspiration: 7 qualities of a solid personal trainer.

burpees: candida detox: round 2 drained me too much to finish out the 30 day new year’s burpee challenge. luckily, fitfluential is running the #ffburpee 1,000 burpee challenge – 1,000 burpees by feb. 28. i’m thinking this is more than doable. already have 50 in for week. #obsessedwithburpees

challenges: i’m also part of the #PowerPlatesChallenge hosted by Powercakes and iAmHealthyFitloving this challenge so far. combining day 1 + day 2 is one of the moves from my sliding disk deck of cards workout.

workouts: one, twothree

eats: one, two, three 

home: one, two, three

white: one, two, three

love: you’re welcome. click here. #1 is my top favorite. always.



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enjoy your monday.
make it legendary.


p.s. did you watch the super bowl? what was your favorite food item?