my name is jena.
and i like…maybe even love…the twilight movies.

never thought i’d say that. my roommie and i moved into our new place on saturday and we didn’t get our internet/cable until monday. since i am up for watching anything, i told her to pop it in.
bah, we watched the fourth movie and i was gushing over the wedding. yes, slightly cheesy, but, really good. and a solid soundtrack. and…shirtless guy for good portions of the movie.
this girl ain’t complaining.

i have a solid upper body workout for you today!
the workout bud created this workout for us last week, and it was so good that i couldn’t wait to share it with you. i have a feeling he looked up some superset exercises and just complied them into a circuit.


he thought he would wear me out, especially since i am the first to admit, my upper body is my weakest area (even though it’s toned), but i make it through. i did modify my push-ups after the second/third round. i did as many regular push-ups as possible and did the rest on a bench.

if you want to create a proprioceptively enriched environment, you can do your dumbbell bench, flys and push-ups on a stability ball. i did the db bench on a stability ball for a round and definitely felt it.

no bench? do your db bench and flys on the ground and do your dips on a chair or table. i used 20 lb weights for most of the exercises, and 10 lb for the kickbacks and flys. make sure to use a weight that will challenge you, but not tucker you out before making it three rounds.

rest when needed, but try to go through the entire circuit without resting. once you’ve completed a circuit, do 1 minute of cardio. i picked the obvious – burpees. but feel free to do high knees, jumping jacks, squat jumps, box jumps, etc.

after you have completed the circuit 3 times, including 3 – 1 minute cardio intervals, second favorite exercise – the plank. hold as long as you can for 2 minutes. if you need to break it up, hold for 30 seconds each, until you get to 2 minutes. make sure to keep your abs, quads, and glutes tight, pelvis tucked, making a straight line with your body.


hope you enjoy this one as much as i did. took about 25 minutes or so.
seriously, do those burpees. i only have 275 left before february 28.
let’s see how quickly i can knock them out!

also, if you haven’t entered the #byTavigiveaway yet, for your chance to win a free sport tote, make sure to enter here.

– jena.

p.s. do you have a favorite arm exercise? do you like twilight?