happy last monday in february!
can you believe it?
saturday will be march! i don’t mind if the months go by quickly, as long as it gets me to warm weather.
i am than ready for summer. it was warm on saturday (like mid 40’s) and i ran my errands with the window cracked, blaring some country music.
the weekend overall was great, but it flew by. i helped the rents unload an entire u-haul at their new house on friday. saturday, i had a couple breakfast dates, finished my 1,000 burpees, ran errands and studied. sunday: all.day.studying. plus, a ridiculously delicious dinner of red curry. gah. i want another plate of it right now!

but alas, it’s early in the morning. and time for another dose of ‘well, hello monday…

dreams. how to actively pursue them

motivation. 12 things

encouragement. who cares?

closet envy. one. two. three.

eats. one. twothree. <— can’t wait to try this one!

work it out. one. two. three. <— so beautiful.

post workout. one. two. three.

home. one. two. three.

inspiration: working on it already.

there are few things in life that make my day more than pug photos.
i might be slightly obsessed.

here’s to another week.
how i met your mother AND the voice tonight.

make your monday.

– jena

p.s. what is your favorite thing about the month of february?

what more burpees for breakfast?
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