i woke up this morning early.
shooting pains throughout my mid-lower stomach with every move or breath.
oh, it did not feel good.
i think the culprit is some grass-fed whey protein.

i discovered grass-fed whey a couple months ago and thought it might be a better alternative to plant based protein. since it is lower in lactose and hormones, i hoped my stomach could handle it. my rommmate had extra, so i thought i’d try some before my deck of cards workout yesterday (on the blog this week).

now, dairy has not been in this body in months and months. i eat goat milk yogurt on an almost daily basis, but i don’t count that. it was only after i started drinking my green smoothie that i realized, introducing dairy again before an intense hiit workout was not a wise choice.

morning elixer: water, lemon juice, 1 T gelatin
morning elixer: water, lemon juice, 1 T gelatin

this morning has not been fun. and this might be the only time, aside from maybe having the flu, that i do not want food of any kind. even this delicious shephard’s pie recipe i am sharing with you today!

it’s no secret i love plantains.

ever since i tried the purely twins plantain bread recipe, i’ve been hooked.
plantain chips, loaves and loaves of plantain bread, chocolate chip cookies made with plantains, plantain pancakes, and now…

shephard’s pie with plantains.


i made this little dish a few months ago and loved it. i made the meat/veggie base, but i added plantain discs/chips on top. this time, i thought i’d try mashed plantains, and let me tell you, it was hit.

what i love about this recipe is that it’s super versatile. the main ingredients need are coconut milk (full fat or light), meat (bison or ground beef), vegetables and 1 plantain. you can add whatever vegetables tickle your fancy. i tend to use whatever frozen veggies are in my freezer, plus a couple fresh. i’ve tried this with bison and grass fed ground beef and both are delightful. for my vegan readers out there, since i am not a fan of tofu, i would recommend tempeh (which i love).


shephard’s pie with plantains

servings: maybe 4 or 2 bigger meals


meat/veg mixture:
half pound ground bison or grass-fed beef
1-2 cups mixed vegetables (i used parsnip, carrot, asparagus, peas, green beans and a little broccoli)
1 garlic clove or 1 tablespoon minced garlic
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1/2 cup chicken or vegetable broth/stock
1/2 cup coconut milk (in the can – i used trader joe’s brand)
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp onion powder
1 tsp chili powder
salt and pepper to taste

plantain topping
1 large plantain*
1-2 tablespoons coconut oil
1/4-1/2 cup coconut milk (in the can)
cinnamon, salt, pepper to taste

* my plantain was just yellow. this made my topping slightly sweet. you can use a greener plantain as well, it’ll just have a slightly different taste.


1. peel and chop plantains into thick chunks. place in a pot of water and bring to a boil. boil maybe 10 minutes or until plantains are soft enough to be mashed.
2. meanwhile, heat coconut oil over medium heat. add garlic and cook for 1-2 minutes. add meat and fresh chopped or frozen vegetables to the pan and cook until soft/thawed, maybe 5-7 minutes.
3. once vegetables start to soften, add the spices. stir and add the chicken/vegetable broth/stock and coconut milk.  stir and let simmer for a few minutes.
4. while the meat/vegetable mixture is reducing in the pan, drain plantains and add back to the pot. add spices, coconut oil and coconut milk. using a fork, mash the plantains and incorporate the other ingredients. you should end up with what looks like smooth, mashed potatoes.
5. after simmering a few minutes, the chicken/vegetable broth/stock and the coconut milk should have reduced, leaving you with a thick sauce. you don’t want it reduce all the way so you have no sauce, but if it’s really soupy, keep it on the heat.
6. once the sauce is reduced, add it to a baking dish. top with the mashed plantains. add to a 375 degree oven, for about 20 minutes or until the plantains are golden and the sauce bubbles up around the edges.
7. let cook for 3-5 minutes and then serve. …

i love this dish. it’s sweet from the plantains and cinnamon and slightly spicy from the chili powder. feel free to adjust the spices to your liking. it keeps well as leftovers and tastes just a great the next day.
keep an eye out on Monday for the winner of the #byTavigiveaway!

i’ve got a shopping trip to my favorite stores and studying on deck for today. and hoping an almond milk/banana smoothie will soothe my aching tum.



p.s. do you have any special remedies for an aching stomach that hates gluten, dairy, and soy?!