happy monday!
happy march!
can you believe it’s already march? the snow on the ground and cold weather sure does not make it feel like march.

did you watch the oscar’s yesterday?!? i started with the e! pre-show around 2p and watched the whole way through the end of the oscar’s. my best friend in high school moved out to la to pursue acting a few years ago. i made him promise me that he would take me to the oscar’s when we got his first invite – hook me up with a beautiful dress and all. it has yet to happen, but i remind him of it every now and then. hint, hint, spencer…

so, this is the first time my mom and i haven’t watched the oscar’s together, so we sent lots of texts about our favorite/least favorite dresses. my favorites were guiliana, luipta and jen law. they are my favorite ladies.
other favorites: matthew mcconaughey and jared leto. best movie. best speeches.

the weekend was pretty low key. if you saw the post from saturday, you know i had a little bit of stomach distress from some grass-fed whey protein. i did lots of studying, a little yoga, and some reading. i got a few books on building muscle and aisha tyler’s book, self-inflicted wounds, from the library. i have trouble getting into books sometimes and especially with studying, it’s tough to make extra time to read. by knocked out the first few chapters of aisha’s book and i think it is going to be awesome.

i’ve got a busy work day and a day off tomorrow to find out the results of my organic acid test. looking forward to the day off…and to finding out the results, even though i know i don’t think i’ll like what i have to either cut out or start taking. think i’m going to treat myself and get my nails done after.
but, no need to worry.
instead, i’m going to enjoy some ‘well, hello monday…‘ nuggets.

on being strong: encouragement as i work towards 2 real pull ups in march.

on food freedom: ‘…restricting and being so high strung about food only creates more stress and unhappiness.
Life is so much more enjoyable when you can go with the flow, enjoy food but not let it run your life.’ <– really working on this

on labels: working on being a strong, confident, lovingly beautiful badass.

on loving your body: tell yourself one compliment every time you look into a mirror.

on healthy living. love this idea. might need to write a post about this.

on my ‘must eat’ list: this blueberry bar, this blueberry trail mix, these spring rollsalmond butter bread. i wish so much my stomach would love this.

on my ‘work-it out’ list: one, two, three, four.

on what i want my house to look like: cozy, if only, plants, table.

on my ‘need to add to my wardrobe’ list: one, two, three, four.

on being great:

enjoy your monday!
make it legendary. (only a few more episodes of himym left!)


p.s. who wore the best dress at the oscar’s?