happy friday!!

who else is ready for the weekend?!

so, funny story. last night the fam, including my omi who is in town for the weekend, went to maggiano’s to celebrate my sibs birthday. 13 years old! so, my mom, sisters and omi picked me up at my new place so omi could see it. i told them the door was unlocked and waited for them to come up. 10 minutes pass and finally they finally walk in. apparently, they went all the way up and walked into an apartment, only to find out, by the guy who lived there, that they went to the wrong apartment!
now, my mom has been to my place a few times, so i am not sure how she could have walked all the way inside without noticing that things were different. she claims she was looking at the ground. and then she tells me the guy was cute a to go on over to that apartment! hah!
good laugh.

anyways, i’ve got a good workout for you today! the workout bud and i did this workout at the gym last friday. i wanted a tough, make-me-sweat workout, but wanted it to be short, so i could relax after a long week. i ran the idea of a deck of cards workout past the bud. he was all for it and even threw out some exercises. my favorite was picked…burpees!

normally, i pick 1 exercise for each suit, so 4 exercises total. i’ve seen plans where face cards = 11 reps of the specific exercise, but i like to split face cards up like this: jacks = 11 reps, queens = 12 reps, kings = 13 reps, aces = 14 reps. check out my other deck of cards workouts here.

before i left for the gym, i looked up a few deck of cards workouts online. i found a plan that called for 2 exercises per suit, one for even numbers and one for odd numbers (ex. 8 of diamonds = burpees and 9 of diamonds = push-ups). and a plan that called for 5 exercises, 1 per suit and 1 for face cards. since the bud could barely remember the 4 exercises we picked, i didn’t think the first option would work well. so, instead, we went with the five exercise option.

now, don’t get intimidated by the pull-ups. i am working on being able to do 1 unassisted pull up before the end of march. i did modified pull-ups for this workout. feel free to modify as needed. or bust out pull-ups if you are that awesome! there was only one area for pull-ups in the spot we picked to workout, so as the bud did his pull-ups, i did elbow plank jacks, just to keep the heart rate up.

for the face cards + aces, we just did 10 reps of squat jumps. you can certainly do:  jacks = 11 reps, queens = 12 reps, kings = 13 reps, aces = 14 reps.
pick your poison.

if you look closely, you can see my attempt at making a diamond and a shovel…spade.
another busy day at work, followed by a workout and a relaxing night before an ikea trip tomorrow!


– jena