well, happy monday everyone!
daylight savings, why did you have to take an hour?
how was the weekend?! did you do anything fun and exciting or just lounge around and relax?!
my weekend was pretttttty good.
friday, it was in the 50’s so the workout bud and i went on a 3 mile run at one of my favorite parks. and did a tabata sprint (20 sec)/push-up (10 sec) circuit. man, it was great! and since it was national cereal day, i splurged on not one, but 2 boxes, of delicious cereal. i mixed it with peanut butter and dark chocolate almond milk. gah. like heaven. all 3 bowls of it.

saturday, we made an ikea trip. this was likely one of the longest trips ever. i’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say, it made for a few good facebook posts.
sunday was a super productive day. my littlest broski got baptized – ’bout balled my eyes out. then i came home and made: coconut butter, roasted chicken + bone broth, bison + bean chili, chopped some strawberries, did a little cleaning, did a killer box workout (box jumps + burpees), typed this post, and did a little studying! whew. busy day.

i am especially excited for today because it is supposed to be almost 60 degrees outside. which means windows down and country music. a long run outside in SHORTS. and another edition of ‘well, hello monday…

most encouraging part of my week: the love your body challenge <– molly gallbraith is hosting this 28 day challenge and i am loving every minute of it. if you like on any of these links…click on this one. and get started today. i have sticky notes on my bathroom mirror with each mantra so far. literally, so encouraging.

something i’m learning to love: heavy lifting

i do this every grocery trip: read ingredient labels

average is beautiful: lammily <– i like this idea…but i don’t like the use of the word ‘average.’ if i am learning anything about beauty from the #LYBC above, it’s that every woman is beautiful!

i might want some sweets: one, two, three, four.

workouts to try THIS week: one, two, three, four <– great post

skirt weather. come soon (i seriously want all these skirts!): one, two, three.

decorating envy: one, two, three.

so incredibly beautiful: pentatonix ‘say something’.

made me chuckle: sports bras vs lacy bras.



click on the love your body challenge and join in.
if you have warm weather, live it up – throw on a skirt and some cute flats, then go run outside.

make your monday.
legend. ary. legendary.

– jena.