gosh, i tried to think of a clever title for this post.
but, alas, beet n’ greens won.

house pug photo bomb
house pug photo bomb

it’s been a bit of a busy week and i’ve been enjoying the ridiculously beautiful weather. almost 70 degrees yesterday meant a 3 mile run + a tabata push-up/sprint circuit. i also did some planks and pull-ups…assisted pull-ups. i FINALLY ordered myself a pull-up bar because the only way i am going to master my goal of 1 unassisted pull up by march 31 is to practice.practice.practice. and what better way to practice, than with a pull-up bar on my door.

uh. so. it’s snowing right now. this yesterday. snow now. only in indiana.

today, i’ve got a juice recipe that should make you feel like it’s spring or summer. for those of you warm weather folks, lucky you. for us suffering in the cold, try this juice and imagine you are on a beach, sipping away. maybe even stick a little umbrella in your glass.

i absolutely love beets. i used to hate them, so i am not sure when i started to enjoy them. maybe around the first elimination diet?? anywho, i love them. roasted. raw. pureed. in chip form. juiced. especially juiced.



carrot. apple. beet. is probably one of my favorite combinations. see above – i took a sip before i added the greens. beets are wonderfully delicious and super good for you. along with all the other ingredients. i normally wouldn’t add some many fruits to my smoothie, but since i am working on stressing less about my candida issues after my last appointment, i thought i’d spring for a sweeter juice.


beets n’ greens super food


+ 1/2 yellow beet, peeled
+ 2 organic carrots, washed well or peeled
+ 1 cheek of an apple (if you want it sweeter, add 1/2 apple)
+ 3 organic strawberries
+ 2/3 english cucumber
+ big handful  beet greens (maybe 1-2 cups)
+ big handful organic baby spinach (maybe 1-2 cups)


in this order: add juice to juicer. turn on an juice. add ice to cut. stir. add straw (optional umbrella). enjoy.

isn’t that just so pretty?!

hope you enjoy the juice.
if you are stuck in the snow + cold, hopefully this takes you to a warm place, even if for a few minutes.
enjoy for breakfast, mid-afternoon, or for dessert.



p.s. what are some of your favorite juice combinations?