hi everyone!
happy monday!

happy st. patrick’s day!

did anyone do any celebrating over the weekend?
if you count a few sips of red wine, then count me in!
my weekend was pretty low key – not too exciting – the perfect end to a busy week. i had a great workout at the gym on friday, and ended the night by catching up on tv from the week with the roommate, over a bowl of cereal. saturday morning was slow and wonderful – little yoga, 3 minute plank, push-ups, green juice, and some pancakes. i spent the afternoon at starbucks, working on a study guide for my cpt exam. my computer died on me, not one, but 2 times. after the first, i switched my autosave to 1 minute. luckily, i managed to recover everything and print (21 pages of questions + answers), but i wanted to throw my computer against a wall! my night was filled with some grocery shopping, pull-up attempts, dead poet society and step-up 4. sunday was church, cleaning, food prep and an off day (except for a few reverse push-ups).

i started my morning out right with a workout. i just love the feeling of killing a workout or meeting fit goals (i am plowing through push-ups) or just feeling incredibly strong. and now here are some little nuggets for your monday…a few are st. patty’s day themed!

inspiration: 8 reasons why women should lift

bodyweight: is it enough?

truth: all true, except for #3 – french fries. and #9 – i do jumping jacks + squats in the bathroom at work.

enthusiasm: some might say i have a bit too much

body love: do it. and join the #lybc too.

i MUST try these: barnana

she’s got legs. and a butt: one, two, three

tulle + heels: one, two, three, four <– i might NEED these

eats: one, two, three <– i’m DYING for this

room envy: one, two, three


so, i really think i need to find a classy tulle skirt. like, really.
maybe i’ll look online today…

happy monday!
make it legendary!

– jena.

p.s. did you wear green today?!