happy monday friends.
how was your weekend? i hope it was splendidly fun, yet relaxing.
i was a bit of a slacker last week with posts. i take my cpt exam in 2 weeks and i am on the study train. i’ve got lots of posts in the works, so be on the lookout.

friday, it was over 60 degrees. it was beautiful. the workout bud and i decided i forced the workout bud to workout outside with me. we spent almost an hour outside running intervals /doing body weight exercises: squats, burpees, planks, park bench jumps and LOTS of push-ups. we got a giant burger and fries for dinner and i relaxed the rest of the night and caught up on my bloglovin’ feed.

saturday was study day. most of the day. and food shopping.
church on sunday followed by a killer 2 hours of food prep. i made: 1 batch of plantain bread, chia pudding, brown rice, and sorghum (super tasty grain!). 2 salads for the week (beet + carrot. kale + brussel sprout), chopped some veggies, riced my orange cauliflower, roasted sweet potatos + beets, and finished with a batch of sunbutter protein cups (a twist on these babies). i was pretty proud of myself. then we killed this workout from pumps and iron. some box jumps (i made it 15 high!)  and i had a ridiculously delicious dinner.


overall, a solid weekend. and even though it ended, i’m ready to take on another monday…

i heart carbs: why you should too

body love: 2 steps to a bathing suit body <– did not expect the 2 steps, but i LOVE them. part of learning to love your body.

ahh- moment: the day i stopped asking God for clarity 

mentors + me: motivation

for the cardio snob in me: strength training + cardio

eats: one, two, three, four (on my menu this week), five (to feed my obsession)

outfit envy: one, two, three, four

work.it.out: one, twothree, four (benefits of barre), five (benefits of bodyweight)

because it’s spring: one, two, three


it’s true.
make your monday. legendary.


p.s. what did you have for breakfast this fine monday morning?!