need-more-cowbellor…more kettlebell

happpppyyy friday everyone!!
i am always happy for friday’s.
last night i had a killer body works plus abs class. and i mean killer. but it was so.good. i LOVE this class. our instructor starts out with a tabata set, which we all know gives her big points in my book (love tabata). we do lots of isometic holds and work the core in every exercise. my kind of workout. last night was a bit more intense than other weeks. i was feeling it. especially in my core, because…

i also held plank for 5:30 minutes yesterday!

i wasn’t sure i’d make it. but i just started and held as long as i could, shaking alot towards the end. you know i’ve done this before. and one of my fit goals for 2014 is to hold a 7 minute plank. i admit, i slacked off and had to work back up to the 5 minute mark. but i am glad i finally got back to it.

now, for today’s workout.


I did this workout with the bud last week at the gym and loved it. I started incorporating kettlebell moves in my workouts a few months ago and even got a kettlebell for christmas. Plus, i’ve been learning more about them in my NASM studies. I found a few workouts last week that used kettlebells that inspired me to create this workout.

* Pumps & Iron: 12 minute kettlebell blast
* Lifting Revolution: 10 best kettlebell exercises for women
* PopSugar: kettlebell exercises from Reebok

The day I made this, I wanted a quick, sweaty and effective workout. What is better than kettlebells? It combines strength and cardio to deliver a workout that increases your heart rate, metabolic demand and calorie expenditure, and leaves you with that ‘hurt-so-good’ sore feeling the next day.

You have 5 exercises. 10 reps each. 15 minutes on your timer.
as many rounds as possible.

I used 2 different weights for this workout. Lighter for the around the world and squat heartbeat. Heavier weight for the single arm thruster, sumo squat high pull, and single arm swing. If I remember correctly, I think I made it through 7 full rounds and maybe started the 8th.
Set your timer for 15 minutes and see how many rounds you get!


around the world (10 to the left/ 10 to the right)
single arm swing
squat chest press (heartbeat)
single arm thruster
sumo squat to high pull

Anyone have exciting plans this weekend?! I am pretty sore, so I’ll be taking it easy tomorrow. I have a weekend full of studying! I take my exam next week!



p.s. make sure to tell me how many rounds you get through!

want more burpees for breakfast?
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