happy monday everyone!
last day in march. can you believe it’s already april!?
time flies by these days.

how was your weekend?! mine was full of studying. actually so much that i don’t even really need to break it down for you. i cleaned, i cooked a bit and i studied. even so, it was a pretty good weekend.

oh, and, i have my first peanut butter and jelly sandwich, in probably a year or so. on gluten-free bread, with peanut butter + red raspberry jelly that only contains a couple ingredients. and i actually had 2. #fatkid #pbjlover


melty, salty peanut butter. cool and sweet jelly. soft, slightly toasty bread….i might need to go make another.

i’m extra excited for this monday because it’s supposed to be over 65 degrees today! i have been craving warm weather so much lately. i want to wear shorts and skirts and sandals. i want to drive with my windows and sun roof down, blaring country music. i want to run and workout outside!

i’m hoping this week signals the start of spring and we are done with all the snow and cold weather!
here’s to monday.

insta-spiration: chase infinitelots of you fit bloggers out there know about chase infinite. i finally ordered my tank that i’d been eyeing for months, and it came in last week. and i started following them on instagram (you can follow me here). i think i heart almost every post. such encouraging and motivating quotes. i love it!

fit-gear: fromTHICK2thin (she’s even got a burpee shirt)

body love: 8 tips.

more body love: bikini season.

skipping workouts: it’s okay to do it.

enjoying food and intuitive eatingi can’t eat my ‘forbidden foods’ but i have been enjoying my ‘shouldn’t eat this every day foods,’ like raisins and apples and bowls of cereal. 

on quitting christianity.

work-it-out: one, two, three, fourfive <– the workout bud and i are going to try this on tuesday. maybe lighter weight. i watched the games for this workout. these people are crazy strong! 

eats: one, two, three, fourfive <– i need this now!

decorating envy: one, two, three, four, five.

more things i wish i could add to my closet: one, two, three, four, five.

so, one of my friends pinned this on pinterest and i clicked on it saturday night. and proceeded to laugh so hard that i was literally sobbing. then when i looked at it last night, debating on whether or not to include it in this post, i started dying again.

21 pictures of cats on glass.


you’re welcome.
i hope that made your monday, just a little bit better.

happy last day of march.
and last episode of how i met your mother.
i might shed a tear.
in honor of the last episode, i leave you with this little number.

make your monday, legendary.


p.s. which cat photo is your favorite?