well, hello everyone!
happy monday!
how was your weekend?! mine was a delight!

friday: day off started with some cereal and PASSING MY NASM CPT EXAM!! i went in super confident and wasn’t so sure after my first 3 questions. but i powered through and passed. woo! i relaxed for the afternoon and did a celebratory workout. here is a sneak peek. full workout up this week. my bestie jessi came in for the weekend and we ate my favorite burger and fries for dinner.

saturday: we spent the morning chatting and shopping and just being thugs. sadly, she couldn’t stay all weekend. i ended the day with some workout clothes/running shoe shopping (i’m digging the mizuno wave hitogami) and enjoying my favorite drink, a vodka cranberry.

sunday: church. catching up on the blogs. volleyball. attempt at a work out. pancakes.


my past few weeks have been consumed with studying. it was so nice (and slightly weird) to just not anything to do except shop and read blogs this weekend. i’m planning on not doing much of anything this week after work, other than my daily trips to the gym!

here’s to another monday.

on the series finale of himym: i know ALOT of people hated the ending. i was on a roller coaster of emotions! as much as i wanted barney and robin to last forever, the ending was okay for me. when barney saw his daughter for the first time. tears. and it only make sense that ted and robin would end up together. and the blue french horn. saw it from a mile away. now it’s time to start watching all the seasons again. and maybe see an alternate ending?!!?! #favoriteshow #holdsthetopplaceinmyheartrightnexttofriends

on body love: letter time <– working on this. more to come on the blog this month!

on self confidence: revealing your true self

on being too healthy: healthy or high-maintenance + rigidity 

on being a type-a: it doesn’t have to be all or nothing

on acceptance: loving your inner tortoise <– working on this

on rest days: i needed an extra one yesterday

on my ‘workouts to try’ list: one, two, three, four, five

on my ‘must cook/bake’ list: one, two, three, four, five

on what i wish my house could look like one day: one, two, three

on being glamorous: one, two, three (in love!!!)

on being classic: one, two, three

i leave you this fine monday morning, with 63 reasons why bradley cooper is NOT the sexiest man alive.
this made my day when i read it.
so great.

shout out to my baby seester.
she’s turning the big 22 today.
make your monday, legendary.

– jena.

p.s. what did you think of the himym finale?!

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