so, no what i ate wednesday post today.
partly, because i wasn’t the bomb at taking photos of food this week.
and because the photos i did manage to take on my iphone happen to be photos of oatmeal.
i am a little obsessed these days.
don’t worry, you will get to see all the photos soon.
i’ve got a ‘how to make the perfect bowl of oatmeal’ post in the works.
but for kicks, here’s my evening cocktail last night: unsweetened almond milk, carob powder, grass-fed gelatin and a sprinkle of sucanat.

hot chocolate. aka. hot carob.
hot chocolate. aka. hot carob.

today. it’s 2014 fit goals check-in. i had originally planned to add a little more to this post. but after my workout at the gym last night, i needed to split it into 2 posts. be on the lookout for it in the next couple of days.

so, fit goals. you can check them out here.
it’s been a pretty good few months on the fitness front. i’ve done a bit of everything.


i made it to 5:30min a couple weeks ago and it felt great…then i went to my body works + abs class and we did extra ab work to make up from a lack of it the week before. #hurtsogood
i’m slowly increasing my time on the plank. i watched the purely twins do their first 5 minute plank video where they mentioned they did a 5 minute plank as their warm up. i’m totally did this last night at the gym and i think i’ll definitely keep it up. i’ll do variations for the full 5 minutes and not necessarily always hold an elbow plank. at least 5 days a week.

james bond plank
james bond plank

plus, i’m getting a little help this month from the #FFAprilAbs challenge too. make sure to join if you haven’t.


i don’t do 30 everyday, but i can do a solid 15-20 in a row. still working on it. you’ll definitely know when i bust out the full 30. in a row. most days of the week. i will say…i’m learning to love push-ups though!

crow pose:

sllllowly getting there. building my arm and abdominal strength. working on being able to hold it longer and getting over my fear of falling on my head.

yo. crow.
yo. crow.


the workout bud challenged me to do 1 unassisted pull ups by the end of april.
my goal was beginning of june, when i head out to san fran. i argued that it was too tough, but after challenging him to do a 5 minute plank by the end of april, i gave in and took the 1 pull up challenge. then i found out that one of my developers at work could do 4 unassisted pull ups…9 before she had her baby.

needless to say, i revised my goal to be 2 by the end of the month. she’s my inspiration.

i know 80% of it is mental. the other part is just working on form and practicing. and keeping my mind on the muscles that will get my body to the top of the bar. i finally purchased a resistance band to help me out when i’m at home. i’m determined to do it.

fit class of the month:

i love. love. love. my body works + abs class. i have mentioned it briefly every so often. i seriously cannot get enough of this class. i look forward to it each week. i get ideas for new moves. my abs are working the entire time. i feel strong and unstoppable during. and after. and last week, we did manmakers. seriously. favorite class.

on deck for next week: cycling class.

loving being fit.
and i’m really looking forward to the sister post, if you will, to this post.
until we chat again.




p.s. how are you doing on your fit goals?