about that time i dropped a barbell.
while attempting a squat.
at the gym.
at peak hours.

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i debated sharing this little tidbit with you lovely readers.
but for the sake of being transparent and real with you, i knew i needed to spill the beans.
here’s how it went down….

i went to the gym with the workout bud on tuesday to do my 1RM (1 rep max) on bench press and squat. i really want to start strength training and knew this was a good first step. we go over to start with a squat. he loads up the bar while i do a few body weight squats to prep. i’m about to start with a 45# on each side and he gives me that look like he knows i could handle  more. so, we stick another 10# on each side.


i get in position. lift. squat. stand up.
now. i should have stopped at this point. it was a tad rough going down. but i decided to push for another rep.
i lifted. i squated. and started to stand up.
then i started a forward bend…
and in the most graceful fashion, i’m sure, i slowly rolled forward with the bar, managing to place it on the rack.
it was like i was watching myself in slow motion. bending forward with the 155# barbell on my shoulders.

i played it cool. laughed it off. told him that maybe i should go for a lighter weight next time. and hoped that not too many people saw me.

for a girl that likes to be awesome at everything the first time she tries it, this hurt my ego a little bit. i am sure know that i’ll look back on this post one day and chuckle. and be happy that i failed. because you can’t always be perfect the first time. and as i look back, i know i’ll be stronger for it.


i’ll be the first to admit that i am a cardio snob. i love cardio. i’ll take a tabata/circuit workout with weights over just straight lifting, any day. i love the feeling cardio gives me and i love to sweat.


strength training on the other hand. i find it hard to enjoy, for a few reasons.

not nearly as much movement as cardio/ i don’t feel like i get my heart rate up enough, and the rest periods…i like to move.  i love jen sinkler’s take on is: lift weights faster.

i don’t lift as much as i wish i could…yet (see above reference to my type-a perfectionist behavior): as a newbie to lifting, it’s completely understandable that i can’t lift a ton of weight. my muscles are pretty toned, giving the impression that they might be stronger than they actual are (see some photos here). but lifting as much as i wish. not there yet.

i’m still learning proper form:  sure, pick a weight. lift it. easy enough, right? no. you must focus on your muscles, your agonists, synergists, stabilizers and antagonists. focus on keeping the core tight.  need to work and lift with intention. mind on the muscle.

i think the two biggest reasons why i put up a fight with lifting:

it’s my weakness. and i psych myself out.


(renee over at bendiful wrote a post on this recently) i just ran 4 miles this morning. i haven’t run more than a mile/mile and a half in a while. it wasn’t very hard. i could have gone longer. i can hold a 3 minute plank. i shake towards the end. but i can do it. i can do 15-20 real push-ups.

BUT. there was a point in time, where i was huffing and puffing over a half a mile. when i couldn’t get past a one minute plank. when i could barely do 2 real push-ups.

how did i get to where i am now? work. determination. i pushed myself. i set a goal and i accomplished it. sure, i wanted to give up at times. throw in the towel and quit because it seemed too hard and like it would take too long (that’s about where i am now with my pull-up goal!) but i pushed and i worked.

the same thing needs to happen with strength training. i want to throw in the towel and just keep being a cardio snob because it’s not easy for me. but, am i one to give up on a goal.
no. way.

learning to love lifting.


maybe, learning to appreciate lifting…

i want to be well rounded in my fitness knowledge and as a fitness professional.

meaning, i want to be able to know what i am talking about when i have a client that wants to strength train. and i want to be able to effectively demonstrate each move. and, i want to be a strong woman!

there are so many awesome women, that are amazing at lifting. and encouraging other women to be just as awesome at lifting. a few women that inspire me:

neghar fonooni of eat, lift, and be happy

jen sinkler and her motto: lift weights faster

molly gallbrath and girls gone strong

nia shanks and lifting like a girl

and a newfound blogger, with great workouts, rebecca at flex n’ shout fitness.

plus, here are some more reasons why women should strength train. one, two, three.

so, for now until i leave for vaca in cali (beginning of june), i want to learn to love…or appreciate strength training. as a newbie nasm cpt, i want to test out my skills. i’m drafting a workout plan for myself and taking some tips from follow fit bloggers. why june? it takes about 4-8 weeks to start seeing results. and because that is when i’ll need to decide if i am going to run another half marathon!


i’ll share my progress here every couple of weeks. we can see how ripped it get! plus, i’ll share how i am learning to appreciate lifting and how i decide to incorporate it into my weekly routine.

how about you? is there a goal you are trying to accomplish that is tough and makes you want to throw in the towel?! how are you pushing through? what is your mantra? who is your inspiration?

all you strong women lifters out there, send tips my way. i would LOVE advice. share away.

now, i’m off to go running short shopping with my seesters. i am late. of course. we have such amazing weather here today, and i am ready to enjoy it!!


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