hi everyone!
happy monday!
how was the weekend?!
it was literally the most beautiful weekend of the year so far.

after work friday, i spent the evening walking around and grabbed some mexican food with a friend.
saturday, i woke up and went for a 4 mile run, then did some yoga, and a short ab tabata set (such a good run!). the rooms and i had a delightful brunch. went shopping with my mom and sisters. spent the afternoon pinteresting and creating workout plans for my mom, sibs, and me (my learn to love lifting plan) at starbucks, and ended the night with a movie.
it was just the best day. so much country music. windows open. shorts on. ah, just wonderful.

sunday was church, a little meal prep, and grocery shopping. i went over my mom’s to go over her workout plan. and attempted, very patiently to show my siblings how to do a proper push-up and squat. i certainly have my work cut out for me with those guys. half the battle was just getting them off the couch! i’ll have my whole family enjoying exercising and moving in no time.

but alas, the weekend came to an end. and another monday is upon us. which means, it’s time for another edition of ‘well, hello monday…’

on loving life: 50 ways to do it

on following your heart: why she stopped

on the history of the cool girl: real women

on self control and will-power: how to have it

on calorie intake: why 1200 is NOT enough

on a bikini body: real reasons for exercising

on body fat: muscle building and definition

on post-workout nutrition: it’s pretty important

on my ‘why can’t i just workout all day so i can try these workouts’ list: one, two, three

on my ‘wish this was in front of my RIGHT NOW’ list: one, two, three, four. five
…wish this was gluten and dairy free: pb&j doughnuts

on my ‘must add to spring wardrobe’ list: one. two. three. four.
…LOVE this diy.

on my ‘i want my house to be like this’ list: one, two, three.

love this photo. mug. verse. and truth.
18e827483a09f135d7b9246631b816fe[ source ]

today starts day one of my journey to love lifting.
i’m excited out it.
and to drink more vega shakes! (gosh this protein powder is amazinnnng)

i’ve got some recipes to share with you this week! finally, right?!

make your monday legendary.


want more burpees for breakfast?
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