happy monday everyone!
warm weather here in the midwest!!
how was everyone’s weekend?

i was so productive this weekend. and had no coffee..except for a grande half passion tea | half berry hibiscus refresher [no classic] from starbucks on sunday afternoon.
friday, i did some major grocery shopping. trader joe’s and sam’s club. my dream came true when i found this at sam’s. 56oz of coconut oil [organic AND cold pressed] for only $14.98! shut. the. front. door. and 3 lbs of raw almonds for $14.98. stop. it. successfully shopping trip. the rooms got a new job on friday, so we celebrated with a movie, gluten-free puccinni’s, and some coconut milk ice cream.

saturday, the workout bud and i did this killer workout from rebecca over at flex and shout fitness. didn’t make the full 5 minute finisher because we did some pull-up attempts. but he still hated the entire workout. #success.

i channeled my inner monica gellar and cleaned the entire apartmentit needed a good spring clean. ran a couple errands and started a quick batch of cashew butter…my first attempt…it was a success. then that lead to my smoothest and fluffiest batch of homemade almond butter. which lead to half my meal prep for the week.

fav weekend photo.
fav weekend photo.

sunday morning pancakes and church [loved this devo from she reads truth]. finished food prep for the week. here is what i ended up with:
* banana protein bars
* peanut butter cups
* goat milk yogurt & spinach turkey burgers
* sweet potato cubes
* sweet potato soup
* chopped carrots, zucchinni, and frozen bananas + clean celery
* batch of red quinoa and sorghum
* batch of cashew butter + almond butter
* morning glory muffins (recipe up soon)
* plantain bread
* kale + brussel sprout salad
* salmon salad
* cabbage and veggie salad
* mung bean + white bean hummus

the goal was to get everything prepped so i didn’t have to spend so much time cooking every meal this week. now, what to eat tomorrow for lunch…

i spent the afternoon and evening with the fam. played a few rounds of HORSE and knockout with the sibs and my pops (i won quite a few times). it’s been a few years since i played ball, but i still had some moves in me. the seester and i went on a 1 mile run and i ate way too much ham + brussel sprouts w/pistachios + raisins.




overall, a solid weekend. now i need a day off to just relax!
here’s to another monday.

on giving up what we’ve held too tight [trust and faith].

on the difference between building muscle and strength.

on the meaning of healthy living.

on fixing roadblocks to MORE muscle.

on my ‘need to try this workout’ list: one, two, three, four <– great exercises to incorporate into a workout

on my ‘must try these recipes’ list: one, two, three, four
.. MUST find a way to make this beauty with gf crust. i want.

on my ‘why can’t this be my house now’ list: one, two, three, four

on my ‘i want to wear these dresses and be this glamorous everyday’ list: one, two, three, four



gosh, i need this reminder. especially with my pull-ups.
i hate them. hate pull-ups. blarg. progress.

i already (hopefully) worked out this morning and i’m ready to take on the day. the week even.

make your monday. legendary.

want more burpees for breakfast?
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