happy monday!
the last monday in april.
seriously, where does the time go?
every week i feel like i write, ‘the last monday in…’.

how was the weekend? mine was pretty low key and could be considered boring. but i needed the relaxation of the past few days. it was amazingly sunny and beautiful. i took advantage with some walks and a quick run, but a good majority of the weekend was spent relaxing, reading, and doing some research. i also revamped the workouts page. make sure to check it out. my computer seems to be on her final leg, so she did not enjoy updating the workout page…or writing this post. i was hoping she’d hold out while i save for a mac. however, i don’t know if she’ll make it. another item to add to the wish list budget.

woke up bright and early this morning for LEG DAY. what better way to start off the monday. leg day and another edition of ‘well, hello monday…’

on female role models: the importance of mentors

on sexuality and faith: why christian’s separate it

on hating to love target: 10 annoying things

on FITSPO (fitspiration): the truth <– absolutely love carla’s thoughts on this. 

on building muscle: 10 quality improvements

on training to look hot: i’m doing it!

on tossing the scale: here’s a new perspective <–encouraged by this. more personal thoughts on being skinny and gaining weight/muscle to come.

on my ‘need to try this workout’ list: one, two, three, four, five <– little burpee love

on my mind, wishing it could be in my belly: one, two, three, four, five <– i want!

on my ‘must try ALL THE OATMEAL list’: 26 variations <– i seriously want most to eat most of these. right now.

on my ‘it’s spring and all i want to wear are skirts’ list: one, two, three, four, five, six

on my ‘i wanna be lazy with a book and coffee here’ list: one, two, three, four, five

random fact #7: magnolia’s are my favorite flower.



make your monday, legendary.


want more burpees for breakfast?
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