well, hello!
happy monday.
happy cino de mayo!
happy birthday to my omi!
so many things to celebrate today.

how was the weekend?! i had another relaxingly busy weekend; it was great. friday, i met one of my old youth leaders and friends for starbucks, worked from home, got my official NASM cert in the mail and spent the evening hanging with the fam.
saturday was a long bicep | back | ab day at the gym. i ran a few errands throughout the day (including getting a new bathing suit for sanfran in a month!) and went grocery shopping. last night i had an 80’s movie marathon with a friend, so in preparation i watched say anything. probably one of my top favorites. such a classic.

sunday was a productive day of cooking (plantain bread, chicken salad, beet salad, sweet potato salad, rice, spaghetti squash, a whole chicken, and bone broth!) and cleaning. and an 80’s movie marathon!
after my morning juice (recipe up soon), i decided to have a coconut egg pancake with some spinach and a hard boiled egg. i put the hard boiled egg in the microwave to warm it and after about 10 seconds i heard a pop. and this happened. and this happened when i made my plantain bread.
eggs and i were NOT friends yesterday.

good thing that didn’t happen this morning. but even if it did, this edition of ‘well, hello monday…‘ would make it better.

on my MUST PRE-ORDER list: gah! i am so excited for this!

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workouts: one, two, three, four, five

on my ‘must try this recipe’ list: one, two (drooling!), three, four, five, six

on my ‘ways to make pancakes even better’ list: one, two

on my ‘you should probably add more blue things like these to your closet’ list: one, two, three, four, five <– i NEEEEEED this sparkle!

on my ‘i want this to be my future house’ list: one, two, three

are you ready for the day? the week, even?



special shout out to my omi on her birthday. can you believe she is only 25 this year?! she ages so well.
she is likely going to leave a comment about me posting this photo of her, but o well. i’m an hour away anywho, omi, and i’m too big for you to dunk me in the water in the pool anymore. hehe. and she will likely tell me…’snoopy, you do not WANT that glitter-y colbalt blue dress, you would please, like that dress.’ this lady is pretty awesome. glad she’s my grandma


happy birthday, omi!

make your monday…and cino de mayo…legendary.


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ps. what are you doing this cinco de mayo!?!