well, happy monday again everyone!
how was the weekend?!
hopefully great. and relaxing. and fun.

friday i got my hairs cut! finally. my girl nicole is basically the bomb and gave me this cool cut. i ran a couple errands and had a relaxing movie night.
saturday i hit up the farmers market and did a little shopping with my mom and sister. for weeks i’ve had a todo list full of things i want to research and get done with personal training and starting a business, etc. i finally forced myself to go to starbucks and start on it. after 30 minutes of checking email/finishing up my mom’s training plan, my computer died. and would. not. turn. back. on.
she’s been on her last leg for sometime now. and i thought this was the end. so i went with a friend to look at some ipads at best buy, which turned into a short shopping trip at tj. maxx. luckily, the computer turned back on and i got through quite a bit of my list!

cleaning. food prep. and lots of walking for sunday. and my sister was my photographer for a few workouts that will be on the blog soon. she did such a good job with my plank photos, that i recruited her mad skills again. plus, my day was made when my siblings and my dad all tried a burpee. next step: make them love burpees!

i’m excited to share my favorites this week. there are so really awesome posts about body image and loving your body. i was so encouraged by these women this week and i hope you enjoy them as well! if you follow me on twitter (you probably should if you don’t), you saw me tweet these out this week too, but they are great enough to share twice!

only 2 weeks until i fly to california. i cannot wait for a vacation! until then, enjoy this edition of ‘well, hello monday...’

on feeling sexy: when naked <– such a relatable post. love it.

on body image: changing perspective

on being healthy: starts on the inside

on heavy lifting: why it’s awesome

on tiny wins: REAL tiny wins

on working out: with PURPOSE

on redefining your ‘aha’ moment: take the risk

on my ‘must try recipe’ list: one. two. three. four. five. six.

on my ‘possible workouts for california’ list: one. two. three. four. five. six.

on my ‘this is why i love girly skirts and dresses’ list: one. two. three. four. five. six.

on my ‘how to decorate my future house’ list: one. two. three. four. five. six.

and because chandler is my favorite. and because friends is my favorite show of all time: the 33 best chandler bing one-liners



can i haves him?!

make your monday legendary.


p.s. what is your favorite chandler one-liner?

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