happy monday!
and happy memorial day!

how was the weekend!? it was a 90’s mix tape weekend on one of the local radio stations, because they were giving away tickets to the backstreet boys concert. let’s just say, i tried to find excuses to drive everywhere, and i was blaring bsb and other 90’s classics with the windows down.
anyone else pumped for the day off?!

20140525-175530-64530893.jpgthe weekend was wonderful. friday, i took part of the morning off, which mean enjoying a nice 2.5 mile run at my favorite place to run downtown. followed by lunch with some old friends. another friend has a camp-out/camp-in at her place, which was filled with great conversation and roasted marshmallows…that my stomach didn’t like so much the next day.

saturday morning was the gym and the workout bud and i went shopping. and then i helped him prep food for the week. he doesn’t really eat anything, and when he does, it’s not super great. so, we…i prepped some food for him and wrote up some directions. he should be well fed for a week or so.

sunday was church, more shopping and literally, the entire afternoon at the pool. it. was. wonderfulllll. i am so glad we have a pool and i seriously might just spend the afternoon there again. vacation day, right?!

but, i did find some time to write a little ‘well, hello monday…‘ post for you all. because i like you so much. and i want to share some of these little nuggets with you.


on singleness: is God’s love enough?

on rest days: take one.

on burdens: and blessings.

on target trips: so true.

on the bikini bridge: kick-ass responses.

on owning your story: embracing vulnerabilities.

on pull-ups: i am ALMOST there.

on fat days: it’s okay to have them.

on my ‘really wish i didn’t have to work so i could just try all these workouts’ list: one. two. three. four.

on my ‘wish that pinning means that this will show up in my fridge’ list: one. two. three. four. five. six.

on my ‘outfit ideas when i’m in a black or blue mood’ list: one. two. three. four. five.
make sure to check out Fit Bottom Clothing. LOVE THIS IDEA!

on my ‘future house’ list: one. two. three.



love. that photo.

happy monday.
it’s a mid-morning leg day at the gym – no need for getting there early. i’ve got a bit of food prep to do during the day and then a cookout to end the night!


p.s. what are you up too today? any cookouts?

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