let’s play a little game of ‘who wore it better.’
or maybe, who makes it better.


back in the day. in college. i was not a fan of qdoba.
the chicken was tough and gamey. just made the whole burrito bowl not good at all.

my choice was chipotle.
i mean, burritos as big as your head.
to a poor-ish college student, this was the bomb.
it was before i was a health nut and realized that the tortilla contains like, a thousand calories.
and that is probably wasn’t the best thing to eat on a regular basis.


plus, chipotle has lime chips. need i say more.

i had chipotle a few months ago, for the first time in years (because i’ve been diggin on qdoba as you are about to read), and it was just not the same as i remember.


qdoba, however, is making a comeback. they must have gotten new chickens, because every time i have a naked burrito bowl, it tastes wonderful. the vegetarian burrito bowl is top notch. and every so often, i will get a scoop, and by scoop i mean ladle, of guacamole for free. must be my good looks.
i don’t complain.

qdoba makes it better, in my opinion.

but what happens when you can’t get the burrito bowl you are so desperately craving?

you make your own burrito bowl.

whether you are trying to save on money (like this girl is doing for her trip to cali in 1 week!) or you are just too lazy to drive (like this girl sometimes…most times), making a homemade burrito bowl is easy, cheap, and tasty.

AND, you will have enough ingredients to make more than 1 bowl!
money saving tips, from yours truly.

the recipe below is for 1 larger bowl.
if you’ve read any other recipe posts…or any other posts where i mention food, you know that i am not very good with portion control. i like to eat. and if i want a little more than a serving size, i eat it.
i.e….an entire  bag of root vegetable chips or popcorn, rather than a serving size or two.
eating to nourish.

all that to say, the measurements are guidelines. if you have everything prepped, add a bit of everything to the bowl. eat up. if you want more. go for it.

my suggestion (and what i did) is to make a half batch of brown rice (1/2 c rice + 1 c water + bring to boil, turn to simmer, cook 20-40 minutes, depending on the brand) and store in the fridge, open a can of beans and drain what you need for the bowl (store the rest for the week), chop and wash your romaine (store rest for the week), and use frozen veggies. this makes the prep time almost as quick as if you were actually going into a qdoba or chipotle.


homemade burrito bowl

1 serving

* 1/4 c cooked brown rice
* 1/3 – 1/2 c pinto beans
* 1/4 c chopped zucchini
* 1/4 c frozen mixed bell peppers
* 3/4 c chopped romaine
* 1/4 – 1/2 c chicken broth
* chili powder * paprika
* garlic powder/salt
* salt + pepper
* cinnamon
* cayenne
* coconut oil or other neutral oil
* plain goat milk yogurt
* nutritional yeast


1. warm skillet over medium heat and add coconut oil. once melted, add frozen peppers and chopped zucchini. cook for a few minutes.
2. drain and rise pinto beans (you can use black beans if you prefer). add to skillet. season liberally with chili powder, paprika, and garlic powder/salt. add a modest amount of salt, pepper and cinnamon. and a sprinkling of cayenne (like my measurements?!). this acts as your seasoning. let it cook for about a minute.
3. add about 1/4 c chicken stock to the pan (i used some bone broth) to de-glaze and allow to simmer. you might need to add a little more liquid, depending on quickly the veggies absorb the liquid. let simmer a few minutes until the ‘sauce’ thickens up.
4. add a bed of fluffy brown rice to your bowl, top with the veggie/bean mix. add chopped romaine, a dollop of goat milk yogurt (or sour cream if you can do dairy) and a sprinkle of nutritional yeast (or cheese, if you can handle it).
5. enjoy!

* this would taste awesome with chicken, in place of or in addition to the beans. just increase your liquid and seasoning.
* you can most certainly add some salsa and guacamole, i just didn’t have any on hand.
* try adding some grilled corn or using spinach instead of/in addition to the romaine.


you’re lucky it stayed around long enough to snap these shots.
try it out. let me know how you like it.


p.s. what about you…qdoba or chipotle? or another mexican spot?

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