i’m currently flying across the country to california right now.
i’m likely reading divergent, chomping on sweet mint orbit (because my ears hate flying), and wishing we would just land already.
but i wanted to pop in for a quick post and chat about what i packed for the week.

i hate packing.
like, just really dislike it.
i usually always wait til the last minute.
i started on sunday, but then realized that i didn’t have any suitcases at my apartment. which meant a trip to my parents house last night. after getting my nails did, making dinner, running last minute errands, i got everything packed.

packing light. attempting to pack light.

for starters. i usually pack too much. you’d think by now, i’d have a better grasp on the amount of clothes i should bring.
but no.
i need options.
and no. i can’t ‘make outfits’ before i leave.
this was my closet on sunday night.

i was able to downsize, but only slightly. i did the thing where you roll the clothes. that helped. plus, i think summer clothes are the best for packing. super lightweight without a ton of fabric. thanks to ikea for making super cute containers. and to target, for supporting my addiction…because literally, everything except the toiletry bottles, pill case, and sunscreen (only because i wasn’t close to target) are from target. i should really blame cartwheel for feeding my addiction. target put it on sale. cartwheel give me the coupon. i give in… 20140601-193528-70528162.jpg

the carry-on.

so, i’ll be in california from tuesday to tuesday. and i’ll be working a couple days while i’m out there (thank you job for allowing me to work remote). which means, my carry-on was full of some work things. talk about heavy. i like to make sure i’m well occupied on the plane, so i brought along some reading material and some noteboooks.
plus. food.
i was so excited to open my mailbox on saturday and find the vega products i won from fit approach. the package came just in time. i was going to buy the same bars and smoothie packs at earthfare the next day!

i’m planning on having having these treats either post workout or for breakfast, along with some fruit or nut butter. i also brought along these bananas bread protein bars (with some added peanut butter) and lemon cookie dough biteswith all my crazy stomach issues and tendancy to get hangry occassionally, i wanted to make sure i came prepared with tummy friendly treats.


and while we are talking about my stomach: i got all my pills to fit in 1 pill case. except for my digestive enzymes (which i was expecting). last time i got on a plane for vacation, i had multiple containers, full of pills. i was pretty excited that everything fit in one.

work it out.

since there won’t really be a place to lift heavy things this week, and because i want a little break from strength training, i’m planning on running and doing some bodyweight workouts this week. i’m not going to go overboard or try to make sure i get in a workout everyday. but i do want to run, which is more of just a fun stress reliever for me, than a workout. so i packed my jump rope and resistance band. i planned a few workouts on the plan, and i’ll be sure to share them this week or next. 20140601-193528-70528686.jpg

be sure to check out instagram. i’m sure i’ll be posting all kinds of photos.

and check back tomorrow for a travel edition of what i ate wednesday. plus, a peek at how this gluten | dairy | soy | not so much processed food girl is going to eat for the week!

– cheers!


p.s. do you hate packing or love it?

want more burpees for breakfast?

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