Well, hi.
Happy Feelin’ Fit Friday from San Jose!
It’s been so great to be out here so far. I worked the last 2 days, but today starts the actual vacation.
I told you guys I wasn’t going to go too crazy on the working out while I’m out here. Wednesday, The Boys and I went for a shorter interval run, threw in some squats, burpees, and pushups. Nothing too crazy because I barely made it the 13 minutes we were gone. The internet was being wonky and dropping my computer, so I had to go to Starbucks to work. I forgot snacks and was so busy working that I had 2 iced coffees.

vacation-bodyweigh-tworkoutThis may not seem like too much, and at one point in time, it wasn’t. But after my detox and only having a small cup of coffee (with added water) once a week, the refill was not the best choice.

Yesterday, I wanted something short and sweet. I’m trying to incorporate the jump rope into more workouts these days and I’ve been wanting to do an ‘on the minute’ workout. So, I came up with the 16 minute vacation bodyweight workout below!

We started out with a mile run. and while it felt like I was dragging, it ended up as an 8 minute mile. We did the workout on Kyle’s driveway, in 80 degree weather, post run. with the sun beating down on us. Let’s just say it was hot, hot, hot. and I downed water and a vega shake after.

16-minute-vacation-workoutSet your timer (LOVE my Gymboss) for 3 minutes of work (bodyweight exercises), followed by 1 minute of jump rope, for 4 rounds.

This is an AMRAP, as many rounds as possible, workout. You will start with the bodyweight exercises. As soon as the timer beeps for jump rope interval, stop, jump rope for a minute, then start the bodyweight exercises where you left off, completing as many rounds of the bodyweight moves, as possible. Rest when needed.

16-minute-vacation-workout * push-ups not pictured. hopefully you know how to do those!
** don’t be like me – keep your head looking forward on the mountain climbers!

Short and sweet! Try to go as quickly as possible. I made it through 5 full rounds and 8 push-ups on my 6th round. Let me know what you think and how many rounds you get!

Off to eat some ribs. The Boys cooked for us tonight.

What are your favorite bodyweight exercises? Do you workout on vaca?

– Jen.

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