happy monday!
still living it up in sunny cali, not ready to go back home to indiana tomorrow morning. already thinking of ways to not leave.

i’ve done a great job at relaxing.
my intention was to wake up this morning and get this blog post out.
but i slept til 10:15a (west coast time).
lately, the normal wake up time for by body is about 7:30a and i usually can’t sleep in past 8:30a, even on saturday’s!
clearly i needed the sleep.
it was wonderful

because of all the relaxing and enjoying the vacation, i haven’t spent much time on social media. meaning, i don’t have a normal ‘well, hello monday…’ for you this week. instead, i’m sharing some san francisco photos and adventures. more to come this week.

tuesday was travel day. grocery shopping day. and relaxing over curry and games.

trying to be cool california hipsters
little post run ygoa
little post run ygoa
just hanging out on the street as i ran
just hanging out on the street as i ran

wednesday was work. for some reason, the internet hated my mac and after many attempts at fixing, I spent the afternoon at starbucks. after, we fixed it, went for a run, and then made the drive to maggiano’s for dinner.

we played so many games of I-spy that by the time we left, we spied everything within a 30 foot radius.

we put on a happy face for the photo. but we had on hanger faces the whole time.
we put on a happy face for the photo. but we had on hanger faces the whole time.

let me just tell you, we waited for 45 minutes to eat, then an hour for dinner to arrive. one hour. can you say HANGRY?! the gluten free attempt at a good pasta dish was not even worth it.

another work day thursday, vacation workout and ribs. oh, these ribs. they tasted just like I remember my black grandparents used to make it. then we played cards against humanity. a very dirty and inappropriate version of apples to apples. but it was super fun. i was the winnnnnner.


winner winner. chicken dinner.
winner winner. chicken dinner.

friday we headed out to santa cruz for the day. the boys payed lots of arcade games, we saw sea lions, rode a carousel, and walked the beach. we ended the night with a cold, but awesome one republic concert.



20140608-211611-76571083.jpg 20140608-211612-76572282.jpg

sea lions. and seals.
are the weirdest looking animal.
it’s like God said, ‘hmm, let’s mix a dog with a whale, have it bark, and just lay around in the sun all day. let’s see how that works out.’
cute. but weird.

20140608-191255-69175194.jpg 20140608-191255-69175780.jpg

part 2 coming at you soon.
have lots of cool beach pictures to show you.

hiking is on the agenda for today.
kara is working, so it’s me and the boys.
they are currently playing video games and have been for at least 2 hours, i can only assume.
so i can just take my time, do some yoga, check out a few blogs.
and then go hiking.

happy monday.


want more burpees for breakfast?

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