for me, saturday mornings have become a time when i take things slow. relax a bit (either before or after my workout). i love to sip on hot lemon water or eat some pancakes while i read through blogs. or spend time on pinterest. because you can’t pin just one pin. am i right or am i right?

so, i decided saturday’s are the perfect day for this series. hopefully, you will be taking the morning slow, catching up on blogs. hopefully you’ll be able to relate to my ramblings about how i am learning to love my body. hopefully i can encourage you to start learning to love your body.

just think of this as a virtual coffee date of sorts. just girlfriends chatting and encouraging each other.

so grab you lemon water. or coffee. or tea. or a fork for your panckes.
settle in.
and read on.

well hi.
how are you? how is the day going? i feel like it’s been so long since i’ve actually written a post. a week, really.

i got back from california late tuesday night. and since then i’ve been in a bit of a funk. after lunch at the airport in san jose, i started not feel very good. i got a matcha latte with almond milk at the airport…but i feel like there must have been some powdered milk in the mix or something, because i felt sick to my stomach until wednesday morning. the same feeling i got when i tried the whey protein.
so, wednesday i was a little sick-y. and then thursday was just an off day. i walked out to my car to find that i left my sunroof open overnight. and it rained. then i forgot to put on deodorant. which i realized half way through the day.

i honestly haven’t really felt like blogging. i was expecting to come back refreshed and ready to tackle my todo list, but i think my tummy threw me off. but last night, after a walk, i was ready to start writing. and i’m working on my creating and checking things off my master todo list.

so, this morning, let’s just catch up…

if we were having coffee this morning…

i’d be thinking about pancakes. maybe we should just say.

if we were having coffee and pancakes this morning…

i’d tell you that i miss you. and i missed blogging this week. never fear, i’ll be bring some new workouts, recipes, and ramblings next week.

i’d tell you that american ninja warrior might be my new favorite show. my family started watching this show about a year ago and i loved it. the new season started a few weeks ago and i am hooked again. i’m cheering for the winners, groaning when people don’t make it, and laughing when people fall (i’m terrible, i know). i am so excited that two ladies finally made history and made it up the wall. check out kacy’s run here and michelle’s run here (start at 2:28). get it girls. such inspiration.

i’d tell you that i want to go on american ninja warrior. i’d have to do alot of training to get there. keep working on upper body strength. i.e. those pesky pull-ups. but, i’m pretty competitive and think it’d be super fun to do it. maybe on the fit goal list in a couple years.

i’d tell you that i am seriously considering buying a waffle maker today.i have yet to find a restaurant in the area that makes gluten-free + vegan waffles. my boss made a batch of jen tummy friendly waffles at our company retreat in december and they were to.die.for. and since then, i’ve been dying for them. alas, i have no waffle maker….until today maybe. i’ll let you know on monday if i got one. and if i made waffles!

i’d tell you i’m running a 5k in a couple weeks. you know my dad is a runner. and my sister started running recently. and since then, i’ve been trying to think of the best race for all of us to do together. my dad brought up the fisher’s freedom festival 5k a few days ago and i agreed right away. my sister was a bit reluctant because she is still working on making it through a mile without, in her words, ‘feeling like i am going to die.’ i keep reassuring her that she will run it better than she thinks and that even if she walks, she won’t be in last place. then my dad said if one of us walks, we all have to walk, since we are doing it together. my competitive self was not happy about that text, because after all, i’d likely beat both of them. but, i agreed and i’m excited for the run!

i’d tell you that i love the suitmysoul instagram account. not only cute suits, but suits for all body types. and they promote having a healthy body.

i’d tell you that i am thinking of adding some superfood greens to my diet. i’ve seen skoop alot lately and it looks pretty good to me. i love that there are probiotics included. my sensitive tummy needs to take a probiotic every day, and to be honest, i forget sometimes. it’d be alot easier if it was included in a little green powder that i add to my smoothie. any suggestions? is skoop the way to go?

i’d tell you that i finally made an appointment with the lady doctor. i don’t like going to the doctor. with the exception of my dietician and holistic doctor, no doctor really helped me at all when dealing with all my stomach issues, other than taking my money and throwing prescriptions my way. i shared a bit about my health struggles and most recently, that i was not getting a regular period. well, even with gaining some weight and decreasing the intensity of my workouts, i’m still at only 2 periods this year. only 3 since last october. the pimples just keep popping up as well. and since i eat clean, exercise, and get a good amount of sleep, there is some kind of hormonal imbalance going on. in my research so far, i am thinking it would be polycystic ovary syndrome or hypothalamic amenorrhoeai’ve checked out some other bloggers who have either pcos or ha, so i’ve been trying to read up on all the information i can find. i don’t go until july, but hopefully he can tell me what’s going on! i don’t mind the no period, but i think it’s probably not so good that they are missing. anyone else have similar issues?

i’d tell you that i am missing california. i want to go back. i want to move there. go hiking and beach-ing all the time. if you missed the photos, check them out here and here.

now, normally, over coffee and such, we’d have a conversation where i can actually here what’s going on with you. so, tell me, what’s new?
what’s your current favorite show?
how are your workouts going? anything you’re loving?


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