happy monday!!
how are you?
can you believe another monday is upon us? the usual ‘well, hello monday…‘ is back, after a guest appearance by some san fran photos last week.
how was your weekend?!

indiana can thank me for bringing back some california weather. after a few rainy days when i got back, the weekend was so stinking beautiful. i worked from home on friday and relaxed on my patio. then i went to return my sisters things i stole borrowed for my california trip and to chat with my momma. i am usually pretty stealthy when stealing borrowing from my sister, but this time, she caught me the day after i left. luckily i had some of her favorite cookies to distract her.
saturday was a good workout day – i’ll be sharing the workout on friday, so be on the lookout. it was a hiit workout to get my body back in the swing of working out after vaca. i wanted to be at the gym for 30-40 minutes. but of course, the workout bud and i had to do a few reps on the bench. and try some pull-ups. the trip turned into an hour. but i spent a good part of the afternoon poolside working on my father’s day present.


my pops asked me to make him a few 15-20 minute, mostly bodyweight workouts that he could do in the evenings after his run. he said he was doing a few things already (burpees included!), but was getting bored. was i ever excited to start making a few workouts. and a few turned into about 20 or so. and then i wondered if i could maybe turn it into an e-book or something. we shall see.

a target trip followed, so i could get some supplies. and of course, literally, everything in target was on sale. maybe not everything, but so many things. i saw towels, containers, bedding, clothes, shoes, house items, and notebooks that i wanted to buy. luckily, my cartwheel didn’t have too many good offers and i practiced a little thing called self control, so i walked out with a weighted jump rope, father’s day things, the notebooks below and, a waffle maker!!!


if you caught saturday’s post, i mentioned i was thinking about it. i made waffles late saturday night, but nothing worthy of photos yet. going to work on a master gluten-free-vegan recipe. sunday was random food prep + todo list things, along with finishing up my father’s day present and hanging with the fam.

i also spent a good amount of time on pinterest, compared to previous weeks, so i have quite a few favorites this week. be sure to follow me on pinterest here, if you don’t already, to see more pins.

here’s to another monday.

on human trafficking awareness: loving what boston is doing. demand abolition is such an awesome organization.

on body love: imperfect ugly body

on ‘fat talk’: how to stop it

on power: it’s beauty

on life: reconstructing our timeline

more on life: single. unmarried. childless.

on food: overanalyzing

on ‘diets’: the common factor

on lifting: carbs + metabolism

on my ‘must try this workout’ list: one. two. three. four. five.

on my ‘why can’t i just have everything i pin show up on my table to eat?!’ list: one. two. three. four. five. sixseven.

on my ‘i’d look fiercely sassy in these outfits’ list: one. two. three. four.

on my ‘i need an occasion to wear all these glam dresses’ list: one. two. three. four. and shoes.

on my ‘make sure you add color to your next apartment when you decorate’ list: one. two. three. four. five.

on my ‘but, i do love the crispness and freshness of white in an apartment’ list: one. two. three. four. five.

on my favorite pins:
one. <– i want this so much. i love sushi!
two. <– the skirt. the colors. she has my hair. i think i need.
three. <– can i has him? please.
four. <– um, sparkles. yes.
five. <– love it.


ninja warrior night!!
make your monday, legendary.

p.s. what are you up to this monday? do you like american ninja warrior?!

want more burpees for breakfast?
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