hot pink spandex short.
a skinny male wearing hot pink spandex shorts.
teaching a hip opening yoga class.

my legs were sore yesterday, after a not-so-tough leg day on wednesday. i knew there was no way that i could handle a day at the gym. yoga was my go-to afternoon activity.
i was looking for a new yoga video and i came across duncan yoga. he was wearing hot pink spandex shorts in the first video i did. which was so great, that i decided to do another – a quicker yoga flow. i like duncan. if you are looking for a new yoga video/instructor, be sure to check him out.

today’s workout is short, but tough. looks like it might not be too much, but it will make you sweat! on saturday morning, i was looking through my pins to find a workout, because i wasn’t in the mood to make up anything. i came across this plyometric circuit from popsugar. the workout looked awesome, but i didn’t want to be at the gym for very long. so, i decided to turn a few of the exercises into an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible), modify a few exercises + add weight, and create a 2 minute finisher.

you’ll set your timer for 12 rounds of 1 minute intervals. complete each exercise for 1 minute, then repeat. rest when needed. at the end of the 12 minutes take a minute break. set your timer for 2 minutes and start the finisher.

for the finishers, you can either do as many reps as possible in the 2 minutes or go for 10 reps. i got to the push-up on my 7th rep when the buzzer went off. so, i ended up just doing another 3 reps to make it to 10. because i’m an overachiever sometimes.
it’s like 5 different exercises in one. looks complicated -but i love it.

make sure to warm up (i either did a short 0.5m run or a tabata with kettlebell swings + burpees) and do a cool down.


tips + modifications:

* you can do this as all bodyweight. no need to add the medicine ball, if it’s too tough.
* go for a challenging weight if you do choose a medicine ball – i used 11lb for the skaters and maybe 4lb for the warriors.
* count the number of reps you get for each exercise and try to do more the second round.
* push as hard as you can for each exercise, but remember to rest when needed (but not too long).

plank hops w/push-up: complete your hops (right, left, center), then do a push-up. complete hops (left, right, center), then do a push-up. repeat.

finisher: start with your body standing next to the box, on your right, in a squat position. jump up onto the box and stand like you would for a normal box jump. jump down into a burpee. complete a push-up. at the top of the push-up, tap your left arm, then your right arm, left knee, then right knee. jump up out of your burpee and do a full box jump. spin and jump down, so the box is on your left – 180 degrees.
see video for a demo – and ignore my sweaty outfit.

[wpvideo 8L8RTnzy]

is it raining on your friday? rainy days just make me want to curl up and not do anything.
i started watching hart of dixie on netflix and i am hooked. i just want to watch it all day.
at least i get to work from home…which almost makes me want to curl up even more!

happy fitness friday!
let me know if you try the workout and what you think!


p.s. what are your friday plans? have you ever rolled a few moves into one – like manmakers maybe?

want more burpees for breakfast?
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