happy monday!
how is everyone doing? how was the weekend?
are you ready for the week ahead?

friday was a pretty low key day. i cut out of work a bit early, spent some time outside and did pizza + a couple movies with the roommate. say anything is just one of my favorites.
saturday, i went to a FitNow Bootcamp class, which was awesome. and gave me an idea for a workout i am trying with my mom and dad tonight. side note: my dad has been enjoying the hiit workouts i made for him for father’s day! he said the vacation workout was a bit tough though (that means it’s a good one!).
i got some groceries and did a bit of food prep, after an amazingly delicious lunch with the fam. then did a hart of dixie marathon while i tried to make some blog updates and some research. i added some new social buttons (see right sidebar), but they kept looking really weird when i placed them in their own text box. gotta try to figure out why. wordpress.com can just be so frustrating sometimes.

sunday was how to train your dragon 2 day and rock climbing day. and the third day that my stomach/body felt really off. i’m not sure if it’s a digestion thing. a hormone thing. or a combination of the two. but something is up. back before i knew i had food sensitivities, i would get a sharp pain on the lower left side of my abdomen. it hasn’t happened for almost a year, but it’s been back the last few days and i can’t figure out why. the road to a healthy, strong gut can be a long one.

here’s a new edition of ‘well, hello monday…‘ for you!

on being a teen in the early 2000’s: flash.backs

on how to be the best mom ever: first moon party 

on closing the gender gap: made with code

on loving your body: how to embrace it’s greatness

on investing in yourself: slow down. pause. breathe. savor.

on eating ‘less clean’ meals: 7 reasons why to do it

on a new fitness magazine: i like B best.

on my ‘must do workouts’ list: one. two. three. four. five. <– i tried this one last week and it’s great!

on my ‘i want to eat all this food now’ list: onetwothreefourfive.

on my ‘buy more bananas to try these recipes’ list: onetwothree. i made this one on saturday. so good!

on my ‘add these outfits to your closet to feel girly and glamorous’ list: onetwothreefourfive.

on my ‘future kitchen ideas for my someday house’ list: one. two. three. four. five.


words of wisdom on this monday (is this not the cutest blog?!)

be a flamingo.
and make the monday…legendary.


p.s. how are you going to make your monday legendary?

want more burpees for breakfast?
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