it’s here!!!

how was the week?! i had a crazy busy one. i can usually tell if the week is busy by the number of unread blogs in the bloglovin feed.
i’ve got a few things for you today, including a new workout!

first things first, i’ve got exciting news…
if you are a fan of burpees for breakfast on facebook (if you aren’t, you should be. click right here and then it LIKE), you saw that…

I’m a new bootcamp instructor!!!!!

I am SO pumped about this job!

Since i got certified, i’ve been debating on what to do: work at a box gym (i got offered a job at the gym were i workout), try to work at a smaller gym, start my own thang, get another certification.
you know by my workouts that i love to push it and work hard, so last week, after a coworker asked about when they could ‘take a class with me’ last week, i started to think about starting a bootcamp.

so, last week on wednesday i prayed about it – that The Lord would just open a door – make it really clear. when i woke up the next morning and scrolled through my facebook feed (morning priorities), i saw an ad for a bootcamp instructor position at fitnow bootcamp. i decided to email my resume, at like 7am, because I can’t sleep in anymore. i got an email back from him, went to a class/interviewed on saturday, got offered the job wednesday and taught my first last yesterday morning!

talk about answer to prayer. when i think about the goodness of jesus and all that he has donnnnnnnne for me, my soul cries out holluyar thank gawd…
any madea fans out there? favorite scene from the movie. my college roomies and i used to quote this movie all.the.time.

anyway…now i have to get my insurance in order, research becoming an LLC, get some cute new workout clothes and maybe a new pair of shoes…yes.

all you local readers, i’ll have my schedule up soon. i already made a fancy little tab up top for it. all you non-locals, you should probably figure out a way to come to classes occasionally, in person. it’ll be worth the trip. we can workout and i’ll cook. and if i figure out a way to let you join via video, i’ll let you know.

in other news, the workout is coming, don’t worry: i got a blood blister on wednesday. after only a 3 mile run. what gives?!

seriously, the only blood blister i’ve gotten was during my half marathon, which is understandable. but after 3 miles! was it the combination of my shoes on the hot pavement?! and why do blood blister hurt so stinking much?!

i feel like it’s a sign to not run the 5k on Saturday. the 3 miles felt pretty great, especially for the heat, but I’m pretty sure the blistered foot won’t be up to par by then. and I certainly don’t want another one!

are you ready? for the workout? for feeling fit friday. i’ll get a cool banner soon. promise.

this workout is inspired by a workout we did at bootcamp. i’m calling it a phone number workout. not sure it’s official name. it makes me think of the madtv skit. anyone know what i’m talking about?

can i have your number? can it? can i have your number? EVONNE! watch it here and have a good chuckle.

here’s the gist:

  • pick 10 exercises and assign a rep range, i.e. 10 jumping jacks, 20 plank rows, 10 lunge jumps (each side).
  • then assign each exercise to a number 0-9, i.e. 0 = 20 plank rows, 1= 10 jumping jacks, 2= 10 lunge jumps, etc.
  • write down your phone number and your partners phone number (or just another phone number, or use a random number generator app).
  • whatever numbers are in the phone number, are the exercises you are going to do, i.e. 211-100-9988 – 2 would be the 10 lunge jumps, 1 would be the 10 jumping jacks, etc.
  • go through your phone number, then your partners phone number as quickly as possible. rest when needed.

the workout we did at bootcamp took about 20-25 minutes. the workout below is a workout i created for my parents, with modifications for my mom. i did my phone number in less than 5 minutes and my mom’s phone number in about 8ish minutes. the workout, with a little rest, took about 13:45.

feel free to use the exercises below, move exercises around or create your own.


tips + notes:

* the right side are the modifications based on the exercises my mom can do. you can do any of the exercises on the left side without weight. if you don’t have a resistance band, just use lighter weights.
* skater with medicine ball
* jump woodchops
* ball squats– 
no pilates circle thing needed 🙂
* ball crunches – just crunches on the stability ball

depending on the numbers in your phone number, this could be pretty hard if you do it quickly, with minimal rest. let’s just say i had lots of high knees, power step ups, foot fire and push-ups.

let me know what you think in the comments. and let me know if you have any questions on modifications. i am going to work on getting some video’s up in the future and try to include photos with each workout. it’s on the to do list.

– jena.

p.s. what are your weekend plans? what is your favorite exercise?

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