hello, hello monday…

last day and last monday in june. what?! i’ll say it again, like i do at the end of every month…where did june go?!

today, i am glad june is over because it means that in just a few short days i’ll be having a reunion with my besties, the thugs. the last time we were all together was about 1 year ago at henny’s wedding. i am counting down the hours til i can leave for columbus!

don’t worry, i’ll tell you all about this awesome ladies this week. and while we are talking about the blog this week, it’ll be a little bit different structure. lately, i’ve been sharing recipes on tuesdays, wiaw posts on wednesday, workouts on fridays, and sometimes a saturday session. this week, things will be a tinsy bit different. make sure to tune in!

so, weekend. how was your’s? mine was full of todo lists. and hart of dixie while i checked things off the list.

my sunday morning

friday…i did some random errands in the afternoon. as i am typing, i honestly can’t remember much more than eating a bag of terra veggie chips (yes, a whole bag) and watching jim gaffigan’s mr. universe.

saturday, i woke up and was not feeling planning a lifting workout, so i made the 3 minute drive (because i was running too late to run over) to bootcamp. fellow trainer kristen is a girl after my own heart. if you remember the new year’s burpee challenge, i did alot of burpees. the most burpees i’ve done in a workout is about 208. in the workout on saturday, i did upwards of 150 burpees in our 24-ish minute workout. mostly push-up burpees too. killllleeeerrrr, but so good. and my team won! holla.

a super competitive burpee lovers dream for a saturday morning workout.

i started on my todo list, tried to open a business credit card (found out i was missing some paperwork), and went to a wedding with my mom and seester. i was originally supposed to hang with my broskis and make sure they didn’t kill each other while everyone else went to the wedding. but my little sister ended up getting sick, so i got to play wedding date.

can i pull of the mohawk?!
can i pull of the mohawk?! certainly not with that face!

i was feeling pretty fierce in my outfit. haven’t worn that shirt in a good year. or the skirt. they sure came in handy. i ate way too many gummy bears and had such a fun time. but i cut out early, went to target for a planner and worked on my todo list, while watching more hart of dixie.
made it to episode 2 of season 2. trucking along.

sunday was…can you guess it? todo list day!! i really hammered things out and finally broke up my master list, including blog posts for the week, menu planning and a little prep, making some workouts (including one for my mom) and doing a little reading (the body book and health mag). plus, i made a tasty smoothie and some bulletproof coffee. i usually just add some coconut oil to my coffee, but this time i whirled it in the vitamix and it was delightful.
photos on deck for wednesday.

whew, long weekend update! ready for this weeks edition of ‘well, hello monday…‘ (<– click for previous posts)?


on blogging: 12 awesome tips.

on life lessons: 10 from mindy kaling.

on me time: #15minutesforyou.

on training: why.

on being successful: and fabulous.

on performing: and just enjoying the process.

on food guilt: 3,500 = 1 lb.

on recovery: so important!

on perspective: hard v boring.

on deck for this weekend: burger bar. and red.white.and.blue.pancakes. and layered watermelon.coconut.shakes.

on my ‘bootcamp workout inspiration’ list: one. two. three. four. five. six.

on my ‘must try recipe’ list: one. two. three. four. five.

on my ‘i’m so glad pink is one of my favorite colors’ list: one. two. three. four. five. six. <– i WANT.

on my ‘i wish i had a flower garden on my pation’ list: one. two. three.  <– succulents!

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ninja warrior night!!
and first day of teaching bootcamp tomorrow!
the schedule will be up soon.

make your monday legendary.
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– jena.

p.s. what are you up to this monday? tell me about your weekend!

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