that’s not a typo.

smoocie = juice + smoothie.


it’s no joke that i love beets. check out this recipe or this recipe if you are digging beets too. i got my first csa delivery last thursday and it was full of green things. it had 3 onions, a pound (i assume) of green beans, 2 giant zucchini and 2 giant cucumbers.

now, i love cucumbers, but i don’t really like them in anything other than a salad or juice. anyone have any good cucumber recipes?

sunday morning, after all my gummy bears the night before, i wanted a simple juice to start my day. i had a giant cucumber and a few other veggies in the fridge, so i thought juice would work. but i also love smoothies.
enter the smoocie.

sadly, i can’t claim that i thought of the name, because i’ve seen other bloggers use it. i can, however, claim this concoction.

giant cucumber
giant cucumber

i used my vitamix, but feel free to juice  the raw ingredients and then use the blender for the frozen ingredients. or even just get all raw ingredients, juice and pour over ice.

one thing i like about making this in the vitamix rather than a juicer is that the veggie/fruit fiber stays in the cup. yes, i love a smooth, fiber free juice every now and again, but the fiber adds some bulk and is great for your body.


this makes a pretty big cup. i enjoyed it on my morning mile walk. if you don’t think you can drink so much, freeze half for the next day or later in the day. but omit the chia seeds. chia seeds soak up TONS of liquid, so if you leave it in the smoothie for hours, you’ll get clumps. not good. beetsmoocie


some of my favorite fruits and veggies in one little giant glass.
this will get you hooked on smoocies.

– jena.

p.s. any good cucumber recipes? have you tried a smoocie?

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