happy fit friday…or thursday!

since tomorrow is the 4th and i’ll be living it up with the thugs (you get to meet them on saturday!), i wanted to pop in a share some of my favorite workout songs.

i’ve got workouts on deck to share, so be on the lookout next week for Fit Friday. if you are looking for a workout, be sure to check out some B4B workouts above. you can pick by type or body part.

music. i usually always have music playing when i workout; i love the extra push. there are times though, when i run and just like listening to my feet against the pavement. back in the day, i used to be all about finding new music, but lately, i’ve been asking my sister for advice on new tunes.

when it comes to workout songs, i have a playlist on spotify that i usually play. occasionally, i’ll listen to pandora too.


but now that i am teaching a few days a week and i’m in charge of playing music to motivate my bootcampers, i’ve been on the lookout for some playlists.
lately, i have been listening to the 80’s cardio station on pandora. i love!
if anyone has any tips on bootcamp music/playlists, let me know! back to my spotify playlist.

here are my top songs:


and here are the details.

* what makes you beautiful – one direction: no, i am not a 12 year old girl. i seriously love this song. i know it is ‘so last summer’ but anytime this comes on the radio, my windows are rolled down and the volume turned up loud. and yes, i am singing loudly like it’s my job.
anyway…this song. one of my go-to jams when i run. it’s upbeat, fun, and is just a make you feel awesome song. try it out.

* love runs out – one republic: this ranks on the list of my current favorite songs (j.t. – not a bad thing and sam smith – stay with me are tied for first place). i went to see them in san fran a few weeks ago and they were pretty great. and this song was awesome. i love jamming to this track on the walking desk at work. the beat is perfect for walking – not too slow, but just fast enough for a brisk walk. i’ll probably see how this works during a HIIT workout too.
(p.s. just watched the music video and it’s a little wack. just fyi.)

* countdown – beyonce: my girl B. can i say something without getting things thrown at me? i like beyonce, but i do not think she is greatest thing since sliced bread. i am a fan of some of her songs, love that she’s got curves (work that body, girl), and i want to be able to dance just like her in the single ladies video. and this song was my go-to song during my half-marathon training. the beat is on target for a solid run. plus, i like to lip sync, which helps me get in the zone and run faster.

and yes, i do mouth the words and move my hands on the treadmill at the gym. it’s my ‘me’ time.

* acapella – karmin: i found out about karmin back in boston where i heard her version of ‘look at me now.’ love this girl. i have quite a few karmin songs on my playlist, but acapella is one of my most favorites. this was playing on day during my warm-up of squats. it is a perfect song for powering through squats. love doing HIIT workouts with this song. and sometimes running. just love it.

* roar – katy perry: back when i was working on my 5 minute planki practiced by holding plank while listening to belting out this song. it’s peppy and upbeat, full of empowering lyrics, and a great pick for any type of workout.


i’ve got more on my list. but i’ll share those another day.
if all else fails to help you with running or working out…



only with a cuter puppy. like this one.

happy early 4th of july!

– jena.

p.s. what are your favorite workout songs? what are your favorite workout playlists?

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