how are you?
did you have a good three day weekend?! how was the 4th?
i had a stellllllar weekend. if you follow on instagram (<–click) or facebook (<–click), you saw some photos from the weekend, which was spent in columbus, oh with my best girlfriends from college, the thugs. it was so stinking fun and i wish it wasn’t over already.

20140706-182150-66110928.jpg 20140706-182150-66110482.jpgsuper short recap – thursday night, we just relaxed. friday was french toast and bacon brunch, a walk, some jeni’s, dinner and fireworks. saturday – a run, a walk, MORE bacon for brunch, cornhole, girl time, fancy dinner out, and a movie with THE.BEST. glutenfreevegan cupcakes (with frosting), made by the best thug hubs. sunday was more girl time and the drive home.



i’ve got a busy week ahead just catching up on things after a crazy week last week. appointment at the lady doctor today – i’m downing the water so when i have to get blood drawn, they get it on the first try. planning on getting more stuff done on the blog and figuring out this whole. ‘running your own business’ stuff. i got my business credit card and debit card in the mail over the weekend. it says ‘burpees for breakfast fitness’! hazah!

this week’s ‘well, hello monday…‘ is a little short, but still a good one.

on pull-ups: maintaining, not just doing 1

on confidence and pride: the difference between the two

on nutrition and exercise: podcast interview with nia shanks

on women being muscular: do what makes you happy

on the power of a compliment: own it

on relaxing: going with the flow

on my ‘must try workout’ list: one. two. three.

on my ‘i want to eat this now’ list: one. two. three. four. five.

on matchstick pants + heels: one. two. three.

on my ‘future house decorations’ list: one. two. three.



yes to that!

make your monday legendary.
talk to you on the morrow.

– jena.

p.s. tell me about your weekend? are you ready for this monday?

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