i ate a pint of ice cream for dinner last night.
and ate the whole pint with no shame. or guilt.
i thought about eating something green with it. or a protein. so i’d feel somewhat healthy. but then i decided against it.
every now and then, it’s okay to do that.


the reason i ate a pint of ice cream, you ask? it’s my current least favorite thing…because the stupid manner of women decided to come. seriously, it’s terrible. <– might be slightly over-exaggerating, but compared to the past year, it’s horrible. it’s back with a vengeance. i’m not sure why i ever wished it would come back!

i downed the pint in my sports bra, t-shirt, and sweat pants. yes, sweat pants. shorts, leggings and not even yoga pants could make me comfy enough. had to go all the way to the sweat pants. and it’s pretty safe to say i’ve eaten enough sugar to feed a colony of candida for a good few days.

favorite things day!
today, i’m sharing some of my current favorite things.
nothing too fancy.
just some fun favorites.

1. colbie calliat ‘try‘: serious, legit lyrics. legit video. legit message. love.

2. hart of dixie: yes, i probably mention it at least once a week, but really, i just love it. i’m team wade, no matter what. that’s all i’ll say.

3. ‘you and i‘ by john legend: why is john legend not single? does he have a slightly younger twin that can sing that song to me? another great song with beautiful lyrics.

4. puffins cereal: cute little bird. delicious cereal. i’ve had puffins before. had a little more over the thug weekend. and then this weekend, i decided to treat myself with some puffins. the marsh by my house started carrying a pretty decent selection of gluten-free/healthy foods. however, they do not carry my favorite cereal which i was bummed about. but the cinnamon puffins did the trick. haven’t tried puffins – you must. the box is full of all kinds of fun puffin facts.
fill your tummy with treats. fill your brain with facts.

5. this photo and my home board on pinterest. up until a few months ago, i never really pinned much home stuff, but once you start pinning a few house pins, pinterest decides to put up all kinds of cute house pins that make you wish you had a house and an unlimited budget so you could decorate it exactly like the photo. thanks, pinterest.


6. mudlove bands: my old friend cody started working for mudlove a few years ago and i got my first band. he was in town a few weeks ago and i got a new fun pink one. these bands are so fun and simple. and they support clean water in africa. get a cool bracelet, help give clean water.
it’s a win-win.

7. this glute workout: i haven’t tried it yet, but i am pretty sure i’ll try it on wednesday or saturday. depends on how this manner of women goes. this ashley horner girl is a beast. she’s got it. her full body workout was killer, so i am sure my butt will be hating me after.

8. target has new healthy foods: i went on friday for a ‘quick trip’ and just looked at the tea. which led me to look at all the food. and see that they have a really good selection of gluten-free-vegan-organic foods.
way to go super target. another way to get money out of me.

9. my deals at earthfare this weekend! vega bars were on sale for $1.75. peaches were free with a $10 purchase. dinosaur kale was 2/$3 rather than $2/6. i should have a photo for you. i didn’t get to it. i’m sorry. just believe it. it’s so true!

10. this bowl of food and my workout pal: saturday eve, after the dragged the workout bud to the work festival, i was instagraming and showed him this photo from how sweet eats. he is a fan of ramen, so i figured he’d think it looked good.


we ended up watching part of a movie and how i met your mother and both saying we were hungry. so, he goes into the kitchen to start making something. i was busy catching up on my bloglovin feed and i heard him banging around in the kitchen. i try to ask what he’s making, but i get no hints. after a good 10-15 minutes, he comes out with this.


i say – what’s this?!?! he said he was making something like the photo. immediately, i begin laughing. basically, he made a veggie omlet, added a piece of a pork chop, and some sorghum noodles. i asked if he put broth it in. he said it was water! i lost it. i couldn’t help but laugh. it was so funny. i will give him credit, it tasted pretty good. strange…but good.

20140714-183020-66620489.jpg 20140714-183019-66619919.jpg

BONUS: hillsong young and free. cannot QUIT listening to this on spotify. absolutely love.

– jena.

p.s. what are some of your new favorite things?!

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