For me, Saturday mornings have become a time when I take things slow. relax a bit (either before or after my workout). I love to sip on hot lemon water or eat some pancakes while I read through blogs. Or spend time on Pinterest. Because you can’t pin just one pin. Am I right or Am I right?

I decided Saturday’s are the perfect day for this series. Hopefully, you will be taking the morning slow, catching up on blogs. Hopefully you’ll be able to relate to my ramblings about how I am learning to love my body. Hopefully I can encourage you to start learning to love your body.

Just think of this as a virtual coffee date of sorts. Just girlfriends chatting and encouraging each other.

So grab you lemon water. Or coffee. Or tea. Or a fork for your pancakes.
Settle in.
And read on.


Part of learning to love your body is find balance. To recognize what your body needs. To give your body what it needs.

Easier said than done at times, right? This week was a rough one. And it always takes the rough times to realize that we need to make some changes – that we need to work on balance and priorities.

Grab your morning drink and/or breakfast – I’ve got mine.

eggs-kimchiTo make a long story short and to save lots of complaining about the manner of women, let’s just say that periods are terrible and they can make you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster. My period came back with a vengeance, after a 2 month hiatus, this week because I had the worst cramps. All I wanted to eat was ice cream, sweet potato fries, popcorn and smoothies.I’m convinced that being pregnant will be 10 times worse for me with all my stomach issues – plus I’ll likely have the weirdest cravings ever.

Good thing getting prego ain’t happening any.time.soon. Sorry mom.

This week I was over tired, extra hungry, and stressed out- over tiny things like the core/cardio workout I had to plan for thursday. How many workouts have I made up?! That shouldn’t have been that tough!

But when the emotions are raging and you’re low on sleep and patience, small tasks seem like giant boulders. And let’s not even talk about how I was nervous everyday until Thursday, that my candida was coming back on my tongue. And yes, I checked my tongue this morning.

I’m a type-a, overachiever, recovering perfectionists that likes to take on lots of projects because I find it very difficult to just…relax. It’s come back to bite me in the butt a few times, the worst being 2 years ago when I had to leave Boston to come back home to Indiana. Medication every 4 hours that did not take away pain was not something I wanted to keep up – you can read my story here.

One of the most valuable things I learned from that whole experience, aside from figuring out what foods make my body happy, was that stress sucks. stress can do some much damage to your body, it’s ridiculous. Which is why, for the past 2 years or so, i’ve been working really hard on stress management.

i love to workout. helping people love working out is my job. it’s also, sometimes, my stress relief. on thursday, after a really tough, but great glute workout the morning before, i decided i would go to my favorite body works class at the gym. the day had been okay, but the week – well, just read above. i figured i could handle class, that it would make me feel great.

well, it didn’t.

i don’t often have workouts that i dislike. sure, i dislike them if they are hard and push me.. if i bring out my sexy ugly face and say i hate the person who made up the workout. which I did on thursdsay. lots of times. sorry, anne. but i didn’t have fun. i didn’t enjoy it. my body was trying to tell me that it wasn’t what it needed, and i just didn’t listen.

so, as i drank my dinner smoothie and finished up friday’s post, i began to think about priorities and what i needed to cut out of my current routine.

I work full time, monday-friday. I teach boot camp a few days a week (that includes a 4:30a wake-up call). I blog at least 4-5 days a week (sometimes i can knock out a few posts on the weekend or week night). I train my mom one day a week. I prep meals for my crazy gut each weekend and a few nights during the week. I try to read up on fitness news, stay connected to the blog world through my bloglovin feed and twitter. (<– of course, you can click to follow 😉 ). I workout on my own, 4-5 days a week.  and if there is extra time – I hang with the fam and friends, lounge around the apartment and add to the list of books I want to read, but never make time for.

That’s a lot of stuff. I’m spreading myself too thin. I had to make some decisions.  So, here they are.

blogging: I’m taking a step back. I LOVE blogging. I love being connected with other women who share my love of food and fitness.

sure, my ultimate dream is to be like some of the bloggers i follow that get to try out and review lots of great products, go on trips and get to speak at fitness conferences. just be a full-time fitness professional and blogger. and of course, get that coveted ‘Fitfluential Ambassador’ badge for the right side bar of the blog.

but at the same time, i don’t want to keep blogging just for that – because it takes the fun out of it. and lately, sometimes i feel like it’s more of a chore than fun. i feel like i have to get a x number of posts out each week in order to keep/gain readers.  and when i post, just to post, i’m not going to be delivering quality content.

the goal of burpees for breakfast is to inspire and encourage others to eat healthfully and learn to love exercising. i want to be able to share my best recipes and the coolest workouts. and, I feel the best way to do that, is to scale back on the posts each week, and make the post i do share, the best. i’m still working on my schedule, which will probably start up in august, but i’m thinking monday, wednesday, and friday. and the occasional saturday session post.
i’ll keep you posted on what i decid!

personal training/teaching: the decision to back off on the blogging is because i really want to start doing more with personal training. lately, i’ve been craving information. i want to learn more about lifting, about why people have knee pain with squats and lunges, why hiit workouts are so effective.  i find that i don’t have as much time to read up on current fitness trends, injury management and other such things that will make me a great trainer. i want to be well rounded and educated, which means i need to spend more time reading, researching and getting practice with new clients.

i realized this week how much i really love helping people and how much i love fitness/nutrition. i want to be able to answer all the questions thrown my way (even though I probably won’t be able to answer all of them!) and offer quality advice. plus, i am thinking alot about my next certification – precision nutrition certification…maybe considering cscs certification. definitely a nutrition certification is next up.

workouts: i tend to get bored with certain types of workouts. plus, i like to try a variety of things. as i was thinking about my 2014 fitness goals and my past few weeks of workouts, i decided to make some changes. first off, running a marathon/half marathon is off the list. i love running, but i am just not in the mood to make that my sole form of working out for the next couple of months.

second and third, i am likely going to cancel my gym membership and focus on more body weight workouts with some hiit added to the mix. this was a tough one, because i really did fall in love with lifting. my workouts the past few weeks haven’t been very consistent, in terms of the type of workout. i’d lift one day, go to a boot camp class the next day and throw in a bit of yoga. i found myself missing lifting. and as much as I want to be awesome and strong, i also really want to go to a strength coach and learn more about proper technique and form. right now, i just don’t have that time.

i think body weight workouts are a good solution at this point. i really want to be able to knock out pull-ups, push-ups and get my handstands. i like body weight as well because i think it really forces you to learn and become comfortable with your body.

confession – i’m scared of falling on my head.

which is why i refuse to do can’t do a summersault.  meaning, attempting a headstand without someone holding my feet scares the daylights out of me. i want to be able to conquer that fear. plus, i want to be strong. i see those ninja warriors fly through the obstacles and those people are strong. so you know that most of them do body weight workouts? including the amazing kasey (i watched it again last night and i am just so impressed! what an inspiration!).

so, why not go back to the basics.

food changes will likely be coming in august. i meet with my dietician about figuring out the best diet and supplements to get my hormones on track again. and, the lady who took my blood on wednesday got it on the second try. she was so great.


we will see how it all goes. i think the changes are going to be the best for me. for my body. balance for me will likely look completely different of what balance looks like for you. and that’s okay. just make sure you are listening to your body. and learning to love it in the process.

today, i’m going to have a ‘me’ weekend – cross things off my todo list, go shopping at target (and buy lots of things!), try to hang with the fam a bit sunday. just enjoy the weekend and not stress about the things i feel like i have to do.

might even go get my favorite almond milk chia latte too. and no workouts for the weekend. except maybe a little yoga to stretch out my tight quads and hamstrings.

until monday,

– jena.

p.s. what does balance look like for you? are there things you need to ‘cut out’ or reorganize?

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