monday. monday. monday!
how are you all doing?! how was the weekend? are you ready for the week?

my weekend was not exactly what i expected for my ‘me’ time, but it was still pretty great. haircut on friday – my girl nicole did it again. any indy readers that need a legit haircut, let me know. nicole is the best ever.

i went home to my new reebok nano 2.0 crossfit shoes!!!! i was a bit nervous that they might not fit, but it’s like they were made for my feet! aren’t they pretty!


saturday morning was pretty low key, ran some errands (at target), wrote a saturday session post on balance (click in case you missed it), and made a trip to the library. i ttthhhiiiinnkkkk i was a little to overzealous with my book selections. mostly because i highly doubt i’ll be able to get through just one before half of them have to go back in 2 weeks. going to see how it goes.


that dairy-free ice cream book. oh. my. word. (said in chris treager fashion) i literally want to eat every. single. thing. this book is a winner. i might just have to purchase it for my collection. and the jane fonda book. probably going to do the workout this week. and i can’t say that i won’t find a leotard and leg warmers to wear while i do it…


i spent the evening making workout plans for my mom and the workout bud, catching up on more blogs, and watching hart of dixie. i found episode 1-5 on the cw, but i’m looking for a place to watch the rest of the season for free. if anyone knows where to find it, let me know. (blogger loses readers because she can’t quit talking about how much she loves hart of dixie).

sunday was church, a bit of grocery shopping and some relaxing. the root veggie chips i ate saturday night has milk as an ingredient. the only terra chips brand i’ve found with milk as an ingredient. anyway, i figured i’d be okay. not so much this morning. dairy is just not even close to being my friend. ever again. my body hates it.

but, it’s monday, and i’m all better now. time for another edition of ‘well, hello monday...’

on instragram: vs. real life

on comparison: #letyourselfglow

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on being a woman: and doing ‘girly’ things

on fitspo: taking a deeper look <– more to come on this one

on healthy living: it’s a commitment

on healthy habits: 8 that are key

on my ‘must try workouts’ list: one. two. threefour.

on my ‘i NEED all these things. right. now.’ list: one. two. three. four. five.

on my ‘good frills for summer’ list: one. two. three.

on my ‘take note for future house decorating’ list: one. two. three. four.

i really want this pup.


isn’t that the cutest puppy ever! i want him!

happy monday.
make it legendary.

– jena.

p.s. what are you up to this monday?!

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