well hi.
how are you?
ready for another week? last week in july – say what?!
how was the weekend?

friday was another low key friday – l left work early, relaxed, and ate some chips + popcorn for dinner while watching divergent. i was so excited to watch divergent, however – not impressed. i liked the book, but not as much as i LOVED hunger games. i tried not to compare the movie to the book, but it happened. and even if i didn’t compare it, i felt the movie was a bit disjointed. it was good, just not great.
but – four. holy moly – that is a fine looking man. and he is british, which ups his hot factor by like, 10 points.



saturday i taught both bootcamp classes. for my second class, i competed against my participants. they had toget through as many rounds as possible of the different exercises, with their partner. i was on my own, but i still managed to tie 2 groups. they had thrusters, box jumps, and burpees, among other exercises. the WORST was an army crawl down one length of the gym and a run with the sliders on hands back. twice! it was terrible. i realized after my first down and back that i shouldn’t have added it – only because i hated it – not because it wasn’t an effective exercise.

i also cleaned out my car. remember a couple months ago when i went outside one morning, after a rain, to find out my sunroof was open? well, that happened – again – on wednesday morning. i SWEAR that it was only open a crack when i got home on tuesday night and that i shut it. well, i woke up wednesday to find the entire car soaked because the roof was WIDE. OPEN. i thought i got everything cleaned up, but when i went to clean saturday, i noticed that the back seat floor was STILL wet. not happy. i tried to air it out as best as i could, but it’s been rainy the past couple days!

sunday was a great church service, a little food prep  – i tweaked my morning glory muffin recipe and it turned out great -, catching up on some reading and relaxing.

here’s to another monday. lots of link love today!

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it’s true.

believe that today.
own it.

i’m ready for another week. i’m looking for a solid sourdough bread recipe. just realized this past week that it’s fermented, and lots of the gluten is broken down during the process, which makes it safer for us with gut issues.

i looked up a few recipes this weekend and it seems SUPER involved. anyone out there know any good recipes. obviously, i’m a little nervous to use regular flour, but i’ve heard it can be made with spelt flour or even gluten free flours. if anyone knows of anything, hook a girl up with recipes and tips.

another ninja warrior night!!

make your monday legendary.

– jena.

p.s. what are you doing today? do you feel beautiful today?!

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