happy fit friday!

another weekend is upon us. and another month. how is time flying so fast?!
today, i’ve got a treat for you.

a few weeks ago, i got a new follower on twitter. it was from a boston based company called energy bits. like with any new follower, i went to check them out. and was i ever interested.

ENERGYbits® are tiny algae tabs so nutritionally dense, they eliminate fatigue and hunger instantly. Want a healthy, natural way to fuel your game or fire up your brain? ENERGYbits® are for you! NO caffeine, sugar, chemicals, gluten or soy, just pure, plant based nutrition, all for just ONE calorie per tab.

ya’ll know that my crazy gut does not love gluten or dairy, and i have to watch what i eat before workoutsso when i read about energy bits, i knew i needed to give them a try. and they were awesome enough to send me a little sample try.


my package included this handy little tin with the bits, plus a ton of reading material and cool marketing cards. one thing i really like about energy bits is that they provide a ton of information. here are a few fun facts from the material provided by energy bits.


energybits are 100% organically grown, non-GMO, pure spriulina algae. it’s 100% raw, green and vegan. they contains no sugar, caffeine, fructose, gluten, preservatives or soy. and, they are 60% protein. energybits also just so happen to be the only protein in the world that contains omega-3’s and antioxidants, which help reduce muscle inflammation, iron that helps prevent fatigue, and electrolytes which replenish mineral imbalances. they also contain a great vitamin b profile. and one of the best parts – energybits are a food, not a supplement.

pretty cool for these small little bits, right?


my workouts

my sample included about 2.5 servings of energybits. one serving is 30 bits. they can either be chewed or swallowed. and it’s recommended that they be taken about 30 minutes before a workout for increased energy and endurance.

now, the bits are just algae. and algae is from the sea. so there was a slight fishy smell, but nothing overwhelming. plus, i’ve used spirulina tabs and powder before and i know it turns everything green, so i opted to swallow these babies, rather than chew them.

i wasn’t thrilled about having to swallow 30 tabs, but i take quite a few supplements and digestive pills each day, so i’ve become a pro at swallowing multiple pills at a time. i tossed these guys back in a few increments.


for the first serving, i took it before a saturday lifting session. i usually like to spend alot more time at the gym on saturday, usually lifting, with a little cardio. i thought this would be the perfect time to try the bits. overall, i had a pretty good amount of energy throughout my workout. i certainly wasn’t tired and i was able to go at it for a good 45 – 55 minutes. a banana with nut butter is usually my go-to pre-workout snack. i felt like the bits kept me going as much as the banana/nut butter combo.

my second time trying the bits was at my favorite thursday night class, bodyworks plus abs. if you follow the blog at all, you’ve seen me mention anne, the instructor. the workout we did that night was killer – lots of isometric holds. again, the bits offered sustained energy throughout the workout. i was tired after, but not dying.


what i think?

i liked the bits. they were friendly to my stomach and kept me going throughout my workout. i didn’t feel like i had a ton more energy than normal or anything. perhaps with continued use, i’d notice a change. i love that they are simply one ingredient and that they are chalked full of nutrients, including protein!

will i purchase?

while i liked the bits, i probably won’t purchase a bundle for myself yet. the price tag is a little steep, even when buying through an ambassador. and, spirulina tabs can be found online for a bit cheaper, however, not all are organic. also, i like a pre/post workout meal/snack with a little more carbs added to the mix. i think this would be a great addition to a smoothie, pre/post workout. or, maybe pop some bits and have half a banana.


overall, i enjoyed my experience. i really love what the company is doing. they have tons of helpful information and really stand behind their product. jonathan, the brand/community manager, was really great to work with. plus, he hosts a twitter chat every tuesday. make sure to check it out at .

now that you’ve heard all about this awesome company, how about a giveaway?!!?
energybits for you! energybits for you! energybits for everyone!

but, really, there is only 1 lucky winner. sorry.

to enter, here are the dets:

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* leave a comment below telling my when you would use energybits, if you were to win. plus, tell me if you liked/followed burpees and energybits.

you have until AUGUST 6th to enter. i’ll pick the winner on that wednesday and announce it on the next Fit Friday post (next week)! i’ll get your contact info and energybits will send you a sample!


got an appointment with the dietician today and then outlet shopping this evening!!!
have a great friday! 🙂

– jena.

p.s. have you tried energybits? what is your favorite pre/post workout meal and why?

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