happy monday!
and happy august!
only 4 months til my birthday :).
how are you doing today? how was the weekend? another decent one over here on the northeast side of indy.

friday morning i taught bootcamp, worked from home a bit and then headed south for an appointment with my dietician. i mentioned a few weeks ago that i had an appointment with the lady doc and it didn’t go so well. i emailed my dietician and she said she had a diet/supplement plan to help regulate my hormones. when i got in, she asked why i wanted to meet, because based on my tests, my hormone levels were fine. so, i had to go over everything. i really love her and appreciate her. as soon as we started, she asked how i was doing – my stomach stuff, my candida issues. she asked and listened and asked some more. after chatting for a bit, she said i was basically doing everything on the recommended diet plan, but that i need to add alot more fat to my diet. that means more avocados, olive oil, and nuts.

she also switched up my probiotic (which will hopefully help with my acne), recommended a vitamin d and iron test, to check my levels, keep up my digestive enzymes and make sure i am managing stress well (that means scaling back on the workouts). she said my symptoms could be caused by my vitamin d being out of balance, as well as my iron. overall, it was a really good and encouraging appointment. just a little reminder that keeping the gut in check is a process.


after the appointment, i worked a bit more and then made my way to the outlets. found a few good things, but left with just an orange/yellow stripped sports bra and the comfiest pair of thin sweatpants EVER. i tried real jeans, but none fit. i decided i only want to wear dress/skirts or workout clothes from now on. pants fit the quads, but not the waist. it’s no fun. i ran past trader joe’s and ended my night with the last few episodes of hart of dixie season 3. oh. my. word. cannot wait for season 4!!

saturday, i managed to get up and get out to bootcamp just in time. the workout was quad intensive, but not too bad. i met the workout bud at the gym after and we did this workout from jen sinkler | neghar fonooni. we both loved it. short, but super effective. my legs were burning. then we did a bench set. and practiced crow pose. rarely do we go into the gym, do our workout, and leave. always gotta try a new move or something!


sunday was church, a hour or so walk (did one on saturday too), food prep and blogging/researching/relaxing. been contemplating new certifications – turbokick, a kettlebell cert, group fitness cert. so many options. so many more things i want to do!

oh, i also decided to try some sourdough bread on saturday. i’ve been reading that it’s good for the gut and since it’s fermented, a majority of the gluten is broken down. i was a little intimidated looking at the recipes, so i decided to try some from earthfare before diving into bread making. my gut has liked it okay so far. i’ll keep you posted.

got some good links for you guys today.
here’s to another monday.


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gosh, i want him.
in other news, my computer is almost dead. she won’t run unless she is plugged in and even then, she’s slow. i think an iPad is on the horizon in the coming weeks. let’s hope she makes it til then.

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2. new august bootcamp schedule is up!
3. the recipe page and workouts by type and body part are all up to date. check them out to make sure you haven’t missed anything!

make your monday legendary.

– jena.

p.s. tell me 2 things you did this weekend? what are you most looking forward to today

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