oh stability ball, how i’ve underestimated you.

first, happy feeling fit friday.
second, i’ve got a quick stability ball workout and story for you.
third, i’ve done 1,000 push-ups since monday.
let’s go back to monday.

i wanted to do a quick workout to start my monday. the bud and i decided on this kettlebell quickie from neghar fonooni. i’ve been loving neghar’s quickie workouts (i even borrowed the name for today’s workout). even though they are fast, they still get my heart rate up and give my muscles a good workout. i wanted to practice my balance with a little stability ball workout after the quickie, so i looked up a few exercises and decided on 4.

now, i purchased a stability ball for myself months ago. i haven’t been working out much at home, which means the ball hardly sees any action aside from the once in a while practice move and doubling as a chair when i occasionally work from home.

also, i don’t usually use the stability ball in my workouts. i liked to tell myself that i have great balance and using this piece of equipment was not something i needed to add to my workout. #imtoogoodforastabilityball

let’s just say this little ball put me in my place on monday. i could blame it on neghar’s workout. say it was too tough, but i’d just be making excuses. it was a good and tough, but it comes down to the fact that stability ball workouts are harder than they appear.

i wrote this and figured it’d be easy. i started with the knee tucks and they weren’t so bad. but i got to the pikes (i did them second). and i struggled through. i failed. i cursed the exercise. then i moved on. the deadbug took a lot more core strength than anticipated and my shoulders were screaming my the plank w/leg lift.
and then i went for round 2.

those pikes. oh, those pikes. i hate them. i hate them because they are a great move. and i can’t do them every well. soon and very soon i’ll like them.

a couple bits of info about the stability ball:

  • it creates a proprioceptively enriched environment, or an unstable, but controlled environment, that challenges balance and stabilization. we talked about this with the bosu ball workout, remember?
  • it helps build build and strengthen the core musculature.

basically, if you’re like me, you underestimate their effectiveness. stop it.

todays workout can be done on an off day for a little core work or as a finisher to a workout. all you need is the stability ball. feel free to do more rounds if you are feeling it.


all moves just so happen to be found all this list from popsugar.


  • i say it in my bootcamps all the time, and likely sound like a broken record – keep that core tight. all these are core moves, so your abs will be feeeeeeling it. make sure to draw in – navel to spine.
  • press that back to the floor in deadbug and keep legs as straight as possible. try to keep that opposite arm and leg off the ground at all times. press the arm and leg that are holding the ball together.
  • push through it. this workout was tough for me. if i can push through and get it done, so can you! i know it!

now, after this workout monday, on the way out of the gym, the workout bud said he had a challenge for me.

1,000 push-ups and 1,000 crunches per day.

i didn’t mistype. it says 1,000. one thousand. i looked at him and laughed. hell. to the no. i told him he was cra.

so, we negotiated and decided on 1,000 push-ups in 5 days, since i workout 5 days a week. i pushed through on monday and busted out 200. tuesday, i managed 150 while teaching bootcamp in the morning and doing a tabata equalizer workout. by tuesday, i was sooooore, but managed 225. wednesday, i was an overachiever and busted out 275, even though my shoulders and back were not very happy. i cranked out 200+ on thursday, thanks to this workout (p.s. ninja burpees are coming to burpees for breakfast soon, don’t worry), so i only had 50 left to do with my classes this morning.

it was a good challenge for me. i’ve been working on my push-ups and this was a perfect way for me to stick with it. he didn’t count certain types of push-ups (incline, downdog, or basically any push-up where my upper body is significantly higher than my lower body), so most were strict push-ups. i will say that while my back and shoulders were are sore, but my biceps are looking pretty great and i am definitely alot more confident on my push-ups!


now that i completed the push-up challenge, i get my prize. the workout bud apparently got me something. maybe a t-shirt that says ‘ i get burpees AND push-ups for breakfast?!? since i beat the challenge, my challenge for him is either 1,000 squats or 1,000 burpees…

my bootcampers had a rough workout today, complete with manmakers, burpees, chest exercises and yes, push-ups. and they have a fun one planned for saturday!!

and the winner of the energybits giveaway is stephen!
get me your contact info and i’ll send it over to energybits for your sample!

– jena.

p.s. have you tried stability ball workouts before? what is your favorite move and why?

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